Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The Strange Death Of Europe...And America


Douglas Murray wrote an excellent book, published in 2017, titled: “The Strange Death of Europe.” Upon reading it recently, I was overwhelmed by the realization that if one replaced “Europe” or “European” with “The United States” or “American” in all his quotes and observations, one would have the perfect description of post-Trump America. I don’t often cite many quotes from other authors, and I hope I don’t overstep the bounds of propriety in doing so here, but Murray was so spot-on I must share his wisdom here. To wit:

*Murray noted that European values had “Become so wide as to become meaninglessly shallow.”  

*And that ”Europe is now deeply weighed down with guilt for its past.” 

*He stated that, due to mass immigration, “The places that had been European gradually became somewhere else. So places dominated by Pakistani immigrants resembled Pakistan in everything but their location, with the recent arrivals and their children eating the food of their place of origin, speaking the language of their place of origin and worshipping the religion of their place of origin.”

*He also saw that this, naturally, occurred ”At the same time Europe lost faith in its beliefs, traditions and legitimacy.”

*One of Murray’s most trenchant observations was, ”All the time Europeans found ways to pretend this could work.”

*He realized that all of this led to “The problem in Europe of an existential tiredness and a feeling that perhaps for Europe the story has run out.” He added that this was happening at “precisely the moment when a new society has begun to move in,” which, he said, “cannot help but lead to vast, epochal changes.”

*Which, in turn, led to this tragic reflection: ”Had it been possible to discuss these matters some solution might have been reached,” but “speech and thought was constricted.” Sound familiar, conservative and non-leftist Americans?

*The last Murray quote I’ll cite is the saddest: ”Europe today has little desire to reproduce itself, fight for itself or even take its own side in an argument.” Wow. Unfortunately, that is an accurate description of what leftists wish for America and Americans…and one which the mainstream media, Hollywood, Academia, and Big Tech fervently share. And one which “RINOs,” like lambs to a slaughter, meekly go along with.

If we in the West don’t recover our sense of self—and self-worth-- there is no hope. A realistic assessment of our history and contributions to the world should make that an easy task. However, a realistic assessment of history is exactly what the leftists who control all of our institutions desperately try to prevent, with great success.

President Trump tried to teach us how to fight for ourselves again, in a gritty and imperfect world, with all the odds against us. In doing so, he channeled our founders.

Ultimately, we let him down. Or so it appears.

Might there still be time to Make America Great Again? Time will tell. If not, we will witness “The Strange Death of the United States.” And, for differing reasons, the rest of the world will then go down the tubes, too. Yes, China, that includes you.

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