Monday, August 2, 2021

Coercion, COVID, And Free Will


There is something we are not being told that would explain the elites’ extreme push to ensure that we all—regardless of age, health or vulnerability-- get vaccinated against the coronavirus, a virus that has an overall survivability rate of 99.8 percent globally (higher for young people), on a par with the seasonal flu. There has to be. Governments and media have never before reacted in this manner, even for flus, diseases, plagues and pandemics that were more lethal than COVID-19.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist. In fact, not so long ago I mocked those who were. Even today I don't believe there is anything “in” the coronavirus vaccines that can be used to track or control us per se, although the events of the past couple of years have shown me that anything is now possible.

At any rate, I've thought a lot about this in recent days and I've come to this conclusion regarding the tyrannical attempts to coerce us all into ceding sovereignty over our own bodies: it is primarily a big test-- probably the final one—issued by those in power to see if there are still limits as to what they can force Americans to do. For, if they can succeed in wresting our health decisions away from us, if they can take away our choice, if they can force us to submit to allowing an unvetted foreign substance into our persons to act in a way that cannot be now known on the very genes of which we are composed, they will know there is nothing they can’t do to us.

Ironically, if they can get the vast majority of citizens to renounce progressives’ decades-old mantra of “my body, my choice,” they will know they have won. (They will, of course, never acknowledge that the mantra, as progressives meant it, ignored the killing of an innocent baby and therefore was a priori nonsensical and evil).

If our elected officials, media, academicians, and Deep State masters can get enough people to do as they say, regardless of personal cost-benefit analysis or impact on their current and future freedoms and autonomy, they will then know they can finally take away our Second Amendment rights with impunity, as well.  They will be emboldened to take away our guns and our ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones. They will have robbed us of our free will.  

I am not against people being vaccinated. It must be their choice, however. Unlike leftists, I never wish to tell others what they must do or not do. If the government—in conjunction with elites outside of government—can compel us to do whatever they want us to do, if we lose control over our own bodies, then, by definition, we are all slaves… and representative democracy is dead. As is the American dream.

Unlike 99.8 percent of those who contract the coronavirus.



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