Monday, August 2, 2021

The Democrat-English Dictionary


In these difficult and divisive times-- with communication fraught with obfuscation, hyperbole, euphemism, and ignorance-- I offer the following as a public service.


Selections from…

The Democrat-English Dictionary


*Climate change: what the Earth has been doing on its own since creation, frequently in extreme and dramatic ways.

*Coronavirus: Wuhan Flu.

*Crazed zombie lunatic dangerously clinging to his guns and his God: Trump supporter.

*Denier: someone who doesn’t reflexively and fervently agree with a part of the Democratic agenda.

*Disinformation: the truth.

*Far right zealot: anyone who believes in the American founding values.

*Justice involved individual: criminal.

*Living document: The Constitution of the United States of America.   

*Misgendering: refusing to use the preferred pronouns of those in the transgender community. Considered to be “violent attacks” on transgender people.

*Misinformation: the truth.

*Mostly peaceful protesters: Antifa, BLM-- and anyone else—engaged in burning down buildings, stealing big-screen televisions, and assaulting innocent bystanders and small-business owners.

*Mostly peaceful protests: protests Democrats are okay with as long as they don’t occur anywhere near where they live.

*Non-viable tissue mass: baby.

*Problematic: anything probably not so good for Democrats.

*Problematic concept of personal autonomy that can be rightfully granted—or not—by experts, elites and the intelligentsia: freedom.

*Racist: everyone and everything on Earth except peoples of color who vote for Democrats.

*Radical right-wing extremist: anyone to the right of Karl Marx.

*Resistance: a concept embracing protest when Republicans are in power and condemning it when Democrats are in power.

*Saving democracy: leaving your state’s legislature and flying to Washington, D.C., when evil Republicans try to pass a bill you don’t like. The only form of “abstinence” that should be encouraged.

*(The) science is settled: a term meaning Democrats don’t want to talk about it anymore. Period.

*Shark interaction: shark attack.

*Risky spending scheme: tax cut.

*Revenue enhancement: tax increase.

*Transgender woman: man.

*Unmerited and demented feeling of love, appreciation and respect for the United States, usually exhibited by inbred Christian rubes in flyover country: patriotism.

* Voter suppression: any idea or action that could ensure the integrity of elections, eliminate cheating and fraud, and prevent responsible citizens’ votes from being cancelled out.

*Women’s health care: abortion.


Now kindly allow me a definition of my own--

Democrat: a smug, hypocritical, ignorant and/or evil, intolerant, power-hungry, ass-hat trying to subvert America from within…all while virtue-signaling (yet wallowing in self-aggrandizement). A willing tool of tyrannical governments past and present, and a communist apologist currently being used like an infant’s diaper by world leaders ranging from Ali Khamenei to Vladimir Putin to Xi Jinping. Validators of Nikita Khrushchev’s purported remark promising, “we will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the United States. We will bury you from within.” Singularly smarmy, disingenuous, and dangerous.  





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