Monday, August 16, 2021

My Body, My Choice?


              “My body my choice!”  What incredible control we have over our own bodies! Teenage girls can walk into an (obscenely named) Planned Parenthood clinic and get an abortion without parental consent. Young kids can give in to peer pressure and/or decide on a whim that they want to change sexes, even though that is, scientifically speaking, an impossibility.  They can do this, too, without consent, parental or otherwise.

              Yet, somehow, we are not afforded the right to say what can or can’t be forcibly injected into our bodies by way of the COVID-1984 vaccines. In direct contravention of natural law, common sense, human dignity, and the Nuremburg Directive number one. In that one case, and that case only, we do not have the mind-bending control of our own bodies that we do when we wish to kill our own kid for our convenience or attempt to do the impossible and reverse our genders.

              For the first time in human history, the government and private companies alike believe they have the right to mandate that an unvetted foreign substance that can affect our very genes be introduced into our bodies, regardless of any potential short or long term physical or mental consequences, one of which is death. There is something extremely strange and sinister going on here.

              To put this in perspective, what if the government—or a private entity-- said we all must lop off our breasts…or have breasts sewn on? Or that we all must cut off our penises…or have one sewn on? Who would balk at that? Especially if the WHO, CDC and Dr. Fauci said it was for the best?


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