Friday, August 27, 2021

Shecession And Shecovery?


In response to the childcare and economic plan proposed by Canada’s Conservative Party, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently called for countering the “she-cession” and turning it into a “she-covery.” In 1980s Valley Girl parlance, “gag me with a spoon.” I hope he didn’t think he was clever.

Speaking of the COVID-19 pandemic, Trudeau, the leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, said: “You can’t actually be serious about recognizing what sort of challenges Canadian families and our Canadian society has faced over the past 17 months without recognizing that women were and are harder hit by this crisis than others.” Um, okay, sure.

He then touted the Liberals’ proposed “$10 a day” child-care plan while claiming Conservatives don’t know how to foster a strong economy: “It is exactly the example of the kinds of things you need to do to counter the ‘she-cession’ and turn it into a ‘she-covery.’ Fact is, the Conservatives don’t talk about that in their lengthy platform. They don’t talk about feminism. They don’t talk about the impact on women of this crisis. And that’s why their decision, far from being an exception or something that we can blow past to reverse course on childcare, is actually at the heart of their misunderstanding of how to grow a strong economy.”

What preposterously inane remarks in every respect. I shecoiled when I heard them. Trudeau couldn’t have appeared any goofier if he was wearing sheotards purchased at a cheap (sheap?) shetail store. I usually try to give people some sheeway and never shemand perfection. And it’s not like the Prime Minister was praising the aborting of shetuses. Still, I wonder if he is deliberately trying to shestroy the English language. Does Trudeau only butcher it when speaking, or does he do the same with his shemails and other written correspondence? If the West is to shebound and be taken seriously ever again, it will have to shed itself of politicians like Trudeau.

              Trudeau’s comments came just weeks before Canadians are set to vote in a snap election.

Let’s hope this boob is shefeated at the polls. If not, Canadians should shemand a shecount.


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