Friday, August 27, 2021

Insanity Abounds


It has come to this: according to “progressives,” reason is racist.

Sanity and logic, too. Restraint, discipline, kindness, empathy, self-control, work ethic? All are naught but hallmarks of WHITE SUPREMACY!! The Ten Commandments? Racist! And banished from the land. The “Golden Rule.” Racist, patriarchal, and a disgusting vestige of WHITE SUPREMACY!! The ability to add, multiply and subtract? Racist! (Dividing is what leftists do best, so I left that out.) Classical music? Racist!  Now you’re getting it! In rhythm now, and all together! STEM classes? Racist! The ballet? Racist! Proper English grammar? Racist! Doubly so! What’s “proper,” after all? Good manners? Racist! The ability to speak well? Racist! Advertising? Racist! Accounting? Racist! NASA? Racist! NASCAR? Racist! Etc., etc., ad nauseum.     

 Could anything be more racist and patronizing than thinking in this way?                

Where is reason? Oh yeah, reason is racist. Welcome to the world of woke.

Secular wokeism is now the most popular religion in America (and much of the West). Ironically, unlike those of most other faiths, its adherents never doubt and never question their faith or its leaders. And the rest of us must not, either, lest they subject us to a hell on Earth. If we are a baker, we must bake cakes for transgender parties and gay weddings or pay the price. As Christians, we must pay for abortion.  And, of course, all of us must take the vaccine. They mock our religious beliefs, and refuse to accommodate them, but we are told we must adhere to their most precious tenets. We must swear that a man can be a woman. We must use a transgender person’s preferred pronouns. We must not question global warming or “climate change,” lest we be labeled “deniers.” We must not be critical of CRT or BLM-- or any of their other B.S. If we eat a taco or dress in a certain way, we are not showing our appreciation for these things, but are guilty of “appropriation.” However, the rest of the world can wear Levi’s jeans, light their homes, fly in airplanes and spend hours every day on the internet and somehow it is not appropriation of American culture. Where is reason? Oops, sorry, my bad.       

And so we find ourselves in a world where Rob O'Neill, an American hero, the man who killed Osama Bin Laden, is kicked off of an airplane-- indeed an airline?-- for not wearing a facial mask during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet recent photographs show many hundreds of Afghans bunched together mask-less in a single American cargo plane fleeing Kabul. (Precious few Americans have been rescued in this manner.) Where is…never mind.    

Speaking of insanity, while talking on the phone (another American invention) about the disaster in Afghanistan a few nights back, I said to my brother, “All these people at the highest levels of our government, in our ‘intelligence’ agencies, etc., can’t possibly have neglected to think, ‘Hey, maybe we should secure the airport in Kabul before we try to evacuate everybody.’” But if it wasn’t an oversight, it was something much worse-- and far more sinister. Unthinkable really. The chaos and calamity was, in a sense, planned. It is what our elites in the government/military/intelligence complex wanted…or at least were quite willing to put up with. It has to be.  (Obama fundamentally transformed these institutions, which is why Rush Limbaugh and other intelligent American patriots didn’t want him to be successful.) These elites want America to be taken down a peg or two. They look forward to more global governance. And they are always aroused by the thought of tens-- or hundreds-- of thousands more likely Democratic-Socialist voters refugees coming to America.    

Shortly after that conversation with my brother, I saw Tucker Carlson interviewing investigative reporter Lara Logan. She averred that what I had been thinking was indeed correct. Logan, a person much closer to the situation (and possibly the powers that be) than I am, was adamant that our leaders actually desired this apparently disastrous outcome.

There can no longer be any doubt among rational people that our woke elites do not have the interests of average American citizens in mind.

The Twentieth Century has frequently been dubbed “America’s Century.” The Twenty-First Century, apparently, will be anything but.

 America is no longer a serious nation. The Chinese embassy in Afghanistan wasn’t threatened by the Taliban, in part because the Taliban knew their would be hell to pay. China will steadfastly defend its interests, and everyone, Taliban included, knows this. Everyone used to know this about the United States, as well. Now, however, they know just the opposite. America’s leaders are much more determined that men be able use women’s restrooms and locker rooms and that no one misgenders another than they are about the Taliban taking young girls as sex slaves, stoning gays and lesbians, and brutalizing American sympathizers. Oh, and maybe launching terrorist attacks on America.

China, as always, will step into the void.    

Our elites are bent on the destruction of their own nation. But do not dare to resist or they’ll call you an extremist, a dangerous right-wing, Hate-Monger.

And remember, reason is racist!    



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