Wednesday, August 11, 2021

"Freedom Day" Savaged By Elites


        July 19th was Freedom Day in England. The day when the English could (but did not have to) throw off their masks, return to their beloved pubs, stop avoiding other human beings as if they were starving and possessed cannibals, and reclaim some of their God-given liberties. A great day, no?

        Certainly not for those intent on keeping their boot on our necks in glorious perpetuity. The Prophets of Doom, the Dr. Fauci worshippers, elite evangelizers of virtue-signaling and mental masturbation, and assorted other would-be tyrants were anything but happy about the prospect of such a day.

        1,200 “experts” signed a letter predicting that Freedom Day would have a devastating impact on the entire planet. Naturally, the media loved this, championing the missive. For example, the headline in the Guardian was: “England’s Covid unlocking is threat to world, say 1,200 scientists.”

        Christina Pagel, of London’s University College, summarily dismissed the impending glee felt by many ordinary English subjects by decreeing that, to her, it all “feels quite shit.” Terse, if not Churchillian. She added of the allegedly surging Delta Variant: “It’s more infectious, it’s more severe and it’s more vaccine-resistant,” and said that Freedom Day is a “terrible plan.”

        Pagel was one of 122 supposedly “expert” signatories to a letter describing Freedom Day as a “dangerous and unethical experiment.”

        Turns out, the elites were wrong about Freedom Day. Really wrong.

        Daily coronavirus cases in formerly Jolly Olde England have plummeted from about 42,347 on July 19th itself to around 19,012 on August 3rd, over two weeks later. England has experienced a drop in the number of coronavirus infections-- and relatively low levels of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths—since its Freedom Day celebration. That is, indeed, cause for celebration. But not for global elitists and “experts.”

        To the minds of those who wish to enslave us, freedom is always a “terrible plan,” and a “dangerous and unethical experiment.”



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