Sunday, August 15, 2021

Survey Finds Democrats Favor Socialism


              A recent survey conducted by Fox News found that an incredible 59% of Democratic voters hold a favorable view of socialism, compared to only 49% who feel the same about capitalism. What possible socialist role model(s) are these mooyaks looking to for their beliefs? North Korea? Venezuela, where people are eating their pets and the inflation rate crested at a mere 344, 509% in February of 2019 under its stalwart socialist leadership? (Higher even than the current U.S. inflation rate under Biden.) Or perhaps Cuba, whose citizens recently took to the streets to protest their deprivation and rally for freedom, many holding the same American flag that many spoiled, indoctrinated Americans so disdain? In a sad irony, Cuba’s government is treating these protesters like the Biden administration is treating the January 6th protesters, locking them up without legal representation, proving once again that absolute power corrupts absolutely.    

The Founders knew this and created a system giving “we the people” the best chance to avoid living under tyranny. Which we Americans have done…until now.

The survey also found that 44% of Democrats hold an unfavorable view of capitalism, compared to 31% who view socialism negatively. That explains a lot. The new results are a marked shift from February of 2020, when “only” 40% of Democratic voters said they held a favorable view of socialism, compared to the 50% who said the same about capitalism.

That’s in less than 18 months, so things are changing fast. How is it possible that so many are getting dumber at such a blistering pace?

See what China did? In part, this is the real, lasting damage from the coronavirus pandemic and the consequent government actions/lockdowns. And the blind acceptance of those government actions by a majority of Americans.    

Socialism sees a 19% gain in favorability in less than 18 moths…more than 1 point a month? That’s preposterous. At that rate, by New Year’s Day 2025 every man, woman and child, 100% of Americans, will think socialism is groovy.

And we will have relegated ourselves to the ash heap of history.

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