Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Reparations For The Taliban?


Apparently, there is yet another group to which Americans should start paying reparations: the Taliban. Richard Burgon, a member of the British Parliament and the far-Left Labor party-- and Secretary of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labor MPs to boot, recently tweeted: “There is no military solution in Afghanistan. The focus now should be on reparations and supporting refugees.” Britain’s far-Left Stop the War Coalition also recently issued a statement demanding that the British government “take a lead in offering a refugee programme and reparations to rebuild Afghanistan.”      

On the left side of The Pond, Shabana Mir, an associate professor at American Islamic College in Chicago, recently opined, “The U.S. owes shitloads of reparations to Afghanistan.”

I might concur with limited reparations, if payments were going solely to those who have aided America and who the Biden administration’s spectacular incompetence and callousness has now put in grave danger. But the reality is that any “reparations,” aid, or money directed towards Afghanistan now or in the foreseeable future will end up in the hands of the already well funded Taliban.

Ms. Mir went on to state that the U.S. should have no say in how this money might be used, adding, “I have hopes that Afghans can build, if military contractors and the U.S. would get the hell out of the way.” Build what exactly? Those hopes are remarkably unfounded if the past, say, three or four-hundred years are anything to go by.

As an article in PJ Media stated, the Taliban already sports a billion-dollar budget as it is “and has no need of the largesse of British or American taxpayers.”

Moreover, President Non-Entity (Joe Biden)—whether accidentally or by design-- just made the Taliban into one of the world’s formidable fighting forces, generously supplying them with roughly 85 billion dollars in advanced armaments, including hundreds of thousands of firearms, pallets of ammo, as many as 75,000 vehicles, Black Hawk helicopters, up to 200 aircraft, night-vision goggles, drones, etc., etc.

That’s quite an upgrade for a group of savages who previously relied heavily on IEDs and white Toyota pick-up trucks.

Too bad the Taliban don’t believe in Christmas.    

There is one group deserving of reparations, however: the families of those American and British soldiers who lost their limbs or lives in the service of their country.

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