Friday, October 2, 2020

Cut The Crap


                People in New York City who refuse to wear a mask or other compliant face covering will now be subject to fines of up to $1,000. The higher penalty limit was announced in light of a recent increase in the positivity rate of coronavirus tests. During a recent press conference, Bill de Blasio, the city’s illustrious mayor (sarcasm alert), stated: “We don’t want to fine people, but if we have to, we will.” Translation: he wants to fine people. One thousand dollars. For not covering up their breathing apparatus.

              In related news, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority has decided to formally and officially ban public defecation on its subways, buses, and other transit facilities. Current rules already prohibit the creation of a “nuisance, hazard, or unsanitary condition” including “spitting or urinating,” but, incredibly, do not explicitly preclude dropping a deuce in Times Square.

              Complaints of dung-infested subway trains increased dramatically in 2019, according to MTA data. And, unsurprisingly, 2020 hasn’t been any better. In fact, it’s been worse. Things have gotten so bad that Transport Workers Union Local 100 launched a “Trash Train” photo contest to highlight the problem and protest cuts to cleaning crews.

             MTA spokesman Tim Minton issued a statement saying, “MTA rules are periodically tweaked to enhance clarity, and that’s the case with the addition of more descriptive language. Ensuring the transportation system provides an appropriate quality of life experience for our workforce and customers is a guiding principle and top priority.”

 No shit?

             The Big (Road) Apple is not alone in being swallowed up by used needles, human excrement-- and hopelessness. Nearly all of the big cities in America that have been run by Democrats for decades are in the same boat.

             A $1,000 fine for not wearing a mask? A $100 fine for taking a dump on a subway train?

             Let’s cut the crap. This perfectly-- and irrefutably-- illustrates the decline of Western civilization brought on by an acquiescence to progressive “values.”

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