Friday, October 16, 2020

Professor Says Free Speech Is Racist


              I stand corrected. I honestly believed that I could never again be exposed to a more insane comment or line of thinking than those to which I’ve already been sadly subjected. I was wrong.

              Naturally, the new nonsense comes from Upper Academia…specifically, Marquette University professor Jodi Melamed. Ms. Melamed gave a lecture titled “Understanding Racial Capitalism and the Open Secret of Racial Capitalist Violence” at St. Olaf college in Northfield, Minnesota, back on April 20th, 2018. I had, somehow, previously avoided her vile verbal effluvium until this past week. Why do leftists need so many words to describe their lectures and books? Perhaps it is tied in with their need to adorn their Priuses with two dozen bumper stickers, none of which are level, making their cars as cluttered as their minds.

              During her lecture, Professor Melamed defined racial capitalism as “a way of thinking about how racial procedures that differentially value and devalue, and devalued human beings are inseparable from capitalist relations of accumulation.” Say WHAT?!

Melamed stated: “In my book I focus on three domains of administration that reproduce capitalist violence as an open secret but all work together in practice. The first is police procedures, the second is the exercise of rights, especially individual rights, property rights, state’s rights [and] ‘free speech’ as well.” I bet her book is a real page-turner. So we should just exchange our local police forces, who are there to protect and serve our communities, for a police state, ban ‘free speech,’ ownership of property, and state’s rights and everything should be tickety-boo? In wanting to do away with the individual rights granted to us by our Creator, she obviously wishes to dispense with Him, too. He must be part of the problem, a supporter of merit-based, patriarchal free markets and white supremacy…and probably a transphobe, at that. Good riddance!

The anything-but-Divine Ms. M claims that the “dirty secret” is that socialism “has worked well” when practiced by people of the same group, but that as societies become more “racialized,” members of the majority conspire to limit welfare benefits for minorities. This is only wrong in…every single respect. Saying that true Socialism has never worked well anywhere it’s ever been tried is an understatement of biblical proportions. It killed more than 100 million people in the Twentieth Century alone. And it is progressives who incessantly seek to “racialize” society, and who demand ever-larger welfare states. In the West, those in the majority, always afraid of being labeled as racist or bigoted, never turn them down.

Madmel Melamed believes free speech is an “abstraction,” and warned of “property supremacists” and those in favor of “the unbridled right of entrepreneurs to accumulate capital.” She also specifically bemoaned the free speech granted to the “radical right’s propagandists who speak on college campuses.” If she was referring to the “radical right” in the political sense, they are almost never allowed on campus and are usually chased away when they are. If she was speaking of those college kids who are zealously in favor of individual rights, it must be the ones who are demanding that tampons be provided in men’s bathrooms.

Melamed believes if we eschew all of our so-called “rights,” we’ll be much better off. Let’s take her advice and let the Big Government bureaucrats who know best control everything and take care of us all. That’s always worked so well historically, has it not?

God, how I love the smell of the Gulag in the morning!  

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