Friday, October 30, 2020

Americans No Longer Taught Founding Principles


Americans are no longer taught our founding principles and therefore too many no longer cherish them. Which is why America is in grave danger of literally ceasing to exist…as it was the only nation in history founded expressly because of—and on-- those ideas. Ideas like limited government…of by and for the people, rule of law, no taxation without representation, free market capitalism, natural law (inalienable rights granted by our Creator), and the Judeo-Christian work ethic and value system. These are the very reasons why the country has been so remarkably successful. When this unique blend of ideas fails to resonate with the majority of its citizens-- or is no longer even recognized—the country is gone. G-O-N-E.

No, you say, it will still be there, just with different, updated values? Wrong. That is like saying a church or library that has been converted into a strip club is “still there.” The physical shell may be visible, yes, but there is no other resemblance, and it has a totally different mission than what was there before. And, while one may be “inspired” in each of these, no serious person can say the latter is ultimately as important as the former.

When a nation forgets its founding and mocks its past, it discards its soul and slips off its moorings. At that point it can drift aimlessly until coming upon rocks, devolve into chaos and violence, or essentially sink out of sight in what amounts to a cosmic moment.

There is an old expression that reads, “When in Rome do as the Romans do.” But the Romans eventually forgot what it meant to be Roman, and their empire went the way of the dinosaurs.

America’s founding principles have served it incredibly well for twelve score and four years, but its major institutions are now rotting from the inside out, poisoned by Marxist theory brought in by Trojan Horses under cover of “social justice.”

Too many have forgotten what it means to be an American. Barring a literal miracle, this will not end well…for anyone.

The upcoming election is likely to be—literally-- the last chance for those that know history and remember what it means to be an American…to save the republic…at least for now.

We must all remember Reagan’s warning that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

To wit, as I’ve previously asserted, all of the world’s historically greatest nations have so far travelled the same path, leading them from:

1)      Bondage


2)      Abiding faith


3)      Great courage


4)      Independence



5)      Abundance


6)      Complacency


7)      Apathy

back to

8)      Bondage

If we re-elect Donald Trump, we may keep our independence and abundance. However, if the Harris-Biden ticket is triumphant, bondage awaits those of us deplorable chumps who stubbornly “cling to guns or religion.”



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