Thursday, October 8, 2020

Nancy Pelosi Says "Mother Earth Is Angry"


MSNBC’s “The Reidout”

Joy Reid: Thank you very much for joining us tonight, Speaker Pelosi. And, might I say, your hair looks fantastic! First off, I must ask you about the wildfires consuming your state.

Pelosi: Well, Joy, thank you so much for having me on…and asking that question first. You know, we just marked the passing of 19 years since 9/11 and everybody talks about how bad that was, yada yada yada, but, in some ways, these fires are worse than 9/11. And it’s all Donald Trump’s fault…and most of us know it. As you know, he is a climate denier, and hasn’t lifted a finger to keep the Earth from burning up or being flooded out. If we don’t stop him, it will be worse than the Holocaust or the Plague. He doesn’t care about people being hit by blizzards or hurricanes or prolonged droughts or historic flooding or those whose towns are burning up. Let’s face the facts: Mother Earth is angry. Really angry. Pissed off, even. She’s telling us, whether with hurricanes, fires, or whatever it is, that the climate crisis is real and has a devastating impact on all of us. Gaia is mad. Skies open up. Earth Goddess sends bad weather to us. Zeus throws lightning bolts, Poseidon sends giant waves crashing upon our shores. Hades is laughing. They are all telling us not to re-elect Donald Trump. Orange Man bad. Orange Man very bad! The planet literally won’t survive another four years with Trump in office. That's just the science, Joy.

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