Tuesday, October 20, 2020

CNN Chief Legal Analyst Caught Masturbating On Work ZOOM Call


               CNN Chief Legal Analyst and New Yorker magazine author Jeffrey Toobin was recently caught masturbating while on a ZOOM call with his New Yorker magazine colleagues. The New Yorker has suspended Toobin, while CNN simply says Toobin is taking some time off to attend to a personal matter. Isn’t attending to a personal matter what got Toobin in trouble in the first place?

               The gals at ABC’s “The View” helpfully shared their thoughts on the matter. Co-host and resident attorney Sunny Hostin noted: “If he were physically in an office at work, this would be a fireable offense. There would be grounds for termination." Hostin added, “He was on a virtual work call, but the argument is he was still at work, right?  He was virtually working, and so, you know, he arguably sexualized his workplace.” Co-host Sara Haines thought it was hilarious. Joy Behar joked that it couldn’t happen to her because “I don’t know how to use the technology.” She proceeded to thank Toobin for giving her something to talk about other than Trump and the coronavirus.

               It is wrong that kids in online school “classes” have gotten harassed—or worse—for having a toy gun in view during their ZOOM learning sessions. This is different. Toobin, the 60-year-old chief legal analyst, should have to face some consequences for his actions.

              Toobin has offered an apology for inexplicably taking matters into his own hands during a work-related video conference call. He told something called Motherboard, “I made an embarrassingly stupid mistake, believing I was off-camera. I apologize to my wife, family, friends and co-workers.”

              On second thought, maybe we should cut Toobin some slack. The ZOOM meeting was described as an “election simulation.” He obviously thought it was an “erection stimulation.” It could happen to any of us, no?






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