Sunday, October 11, 2020

New York Cracks Down On Recalcitrant Jews

              After Black Lives Matter riots destroy whole city blocks and Antifa burns down building after building, newspapers like the Washington Post run headlines such as: “Huge, Peaceful Protests Mark Anti-Racism Demonstrations.” Get it?  They’re big, they’re peaceful, and they are against racism! Right.

              Conversely, when many members of Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish population recently had the audacity to burn their own facial masks in piles on a sidewalk, the Post ran the following headline: “Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jews Burn Masks In Violent Protests As New York Cracks Down On Rising Cases [Of COVID-19].” The Rotten Big Apple’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, finally found a minority group protest he can’t countenance. He’s cracking down on those diabolical Jews!

              See, to a progressive/leftist, actual violence is “peaceful protest,” but free speech that they don’t agree with is “violence.” Burning down buildings and assaulting “deplorables” are merely forms of social justice. Dismembering babies and vacuuming up their body parts is “women’s health care.” Whereas “misgendering” someone or refusing to deliberately obstruct your own breathing apparatus is a capital offense, punishable to the fullest extent of the law.

              Got it? 

              If you do, you are part of the problem.

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