Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Current Events Quiz #7


Regularly Sporadic Current Events Quiz…#7?...(Back by popular request!)

Can You Get A Perfect Score?


1)      Joe Biden recently said he was proud to be running for:

a)       President of the United States

b)      President of the Wilmington, Delaware, chapter of the NAACP

c)       Democratic senator

d)      The bathroom

2)      Joe Biden has, on more than one occasion, forgotten what _______ he was in:

a)       Time zone

b)      State

c)       Era

d)      Galaxy

3)      An MSNBC commentator said the fly that landed on Vice-President Pence’s head during his recent debate with Kamala Harris was:

a)       A sign that Pence doesn’t use the right shampoo

b)      “Icky”

c)       Proof that Pence stinks

d)      The mark of the devil

4)      Experts say the U.S. may soon see colder and snowier than usual weather due to:

a)       Climate change

b)      La Nina

c)       Greta Thunberg being named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

d)      Winter

5)      Joe Biden recently referred to Mitt Romney as:

a)       The senator who was a Mormon, the governor, okay?

b)      The senator who was a Moron, the governor, okay?

c)       The stiff from Utah who’s not a Jew

d)      The guy who ran the Olympia, you know, that sports thing in Salt Lick City back in the day.

6)      President Trump recently referred to Kamala Harris as:

a)       A shrew

b)      That Indian and Jamaican broad

c)       An older Greta Thunberg for people of color

d)      A monster

7)      Joe Biden thinks the fly that landed on Pence’s head is proof…:

a)       That he doesn’t use the right shampoo

b)      That Pence is President of the Wilmington, Delaware, chapter of the NAACP

c)       Of climate change

d)      That Pence is “icky”

e)      All of the above 

8)      In recent days, mainstream media outlets have accused President Trump of being:

a)       A coronavirus super-spreader

b)      Essentially Hitler

c)       A mass murderer

d)      A tool of Putin

e)      A president with many achievements who has recently quickly beaten the coronavirus

f)        All of the above with the exception of ‘e’

9)      Nancy Pelosi is really…:

a)       Deranged

b)      Scary

c)       Hypocritical

d)      Chuck Schumer in drag

e)      All of the above with the possible exception of ‘d’

10  ) Democrats are terrified of Amy Coney Barrett becoming a member of the Supreme Court of the United States because she…:

a)       Is a Christian

b)      Is not a partisan, radical, left-wing, Democrat

c)       Appears to be entirely sane

d)      Likes children and “fetuses”

e)      Can identify all three branches of the U.S. federal government

f)        All of the above

Correct answers: 1) c 2) b 3) d 4) b 5) a 6) d 7) e 8) f 9) e 10) f…….Let me know if you got them all right!

All of the answers I have indicated as “correct”…are, in fact, correct. The following are some links you can click on if you want to verify this statement:










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