Saturday, April 25, 2020

Pandemic Hysteria And Economic Madness

                This is not your mother’s America. (See how non-sexist I am?) It isn’t even really America anymore. The U.S. federal government has approved trillions of dollars in stimulus money to be printed and released to fight the devastating economic effects of the policies it put in place to fight the spread of the coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-1984. Much of the money from the massive relief bill was intended to go to small businesses so that they could try to stay afloat long enough that they could reopen if and when allowed to by the government that shut them down in the first place.
                A good chunk of the money was to be funneled through the Paycheck Protection Program, which provides small businesses with forgivable loans to pay up to 8 weeks of payroll costs, including benefits, so that they can avoid laying off their employees. However, many business owners are finding that their employees don’t want to come back to work, as they are being paid more for not working than they were for working.  For example, Jamie Black-Lewis, a spa owner, told CNBC she obtained loans of $177,000 and $43,800 so she could retain her 35 employees, naturally assuming they would be thrilled that they wouldn’t be losing their jobs. Instead, she says, her largess was met with a “firestorm of hatred.”
                Black-Lewis told the network that many of her hourly employees were angry because they were preparing to obtain more money through unemployment than they would get by staying employed. She said that, to their minds, she had taken away “a windfall” they saw coming. She added, “I couldn’t believe it. On what planet am I competing with unemployment?”
                When Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf was asked about the issue of employees preferring unemployment money to work, he replied that there was “an easy solution,” adding that businesses should just pay them more. Everything is easy when you’re spending other people’s money.
                That was by no means the extent of the lunacy recently exhibited by the economically illiterate. The most ignorant person ever to serve in the United States Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), actually called for unemployed workers to essentially go on strike to protest attempts to get them to go back to work. In an interview with Anand Giridharadas of the VICE News show “Seat at the Table,” she stated: “Only in America does the president, when the president tweets about liberation, does he mean ‘go back to work.’ We have this discussion about ‘going back’ or ‘reopening’—I think a lot of people should just say, ‘No, we’re not going back to that. We’re not going back to working 70-hour weeks just so that we can put food on the table.’”
                In a tweet promoting the show, Giridharadas wrote, “If you’ve been advocating for a general strike amid the pandemic, @AOC gives your cause a boost in our interview airing tonight.” And who isn’t advocating for a general strike during an existential economic crisis in which tens of millions of people have already lost their jobs?
                We’ve gone berserk-- stark raving mad-- due to the stupefying ignorance and unwisdom of leftists in academia and the media wearing off on too many of us.
                Employment is when people get paid to perform jobs they otherwise wouldn’t do, also known as “work.” No one has the right to demand more money for not working. And, note to AOC: You don’t need to strike for the right not to work. Just don’t work. And really, is it worth suffering the indignities of work “just so that we can put food on the table?”

You can be idle 168 hours a week. Just don’t expect to be paid for it.

In fairness, it would be far better for the country if Gov. Wolf and AOC didn’t have their jobs.

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