Saturday, April 18, 2020

Humans Hiding, Animals Running Amok

                With human beings confined to their domiciles, animals are once again taking over. And even takin’ it to the streets as the Doobie Brothers might say. Recently, an Instagram video showed an alligator sauntering around the Barefoot Landing shopping center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The following day, the Folly Beach (S.C.) Public Safety department fielded complaints of a different alligator chilling on the beach. The police called the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, which told the officers not to worry about it, and to let nature take its course. This advice was not folly, as there are no humans on the beach anymore, anyway.
                Reports are coming in from around the country—and the world—of animals turning up in parks, on beaches, and even on streets and parking lots, places normally reserved for homo sapiens. Coyotes have been observed prowling the now nearly empty streets of San Francisco, geese have been loitering around Las Vegas Boulevard (Note to Noah: geese? Really?), and rats have overtaken the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. I have personally witnessed flocks of gulls squatting in shopping center parking lots and turkeys taking our roads less traveled. Video from Thailand exists online of monkeys brawling in the streets, as do shots of a puma strolling down a sidewalk, in Santiago, Chile.
                This is a kind of reverse Genesis, with the animals going forth and multiplying, and taking dominion over the earth, as people are instructed to stay inside and timidly mind their own business.
                It is in keeping with the bizarre nature of these times, as folks around the planet are losing their religion, their minds…and, apparently, their place at the head of the animal kingdom.

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