Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Coronavirus Headlines Truly Sickening

              So called progressives and the mainstream media continually trumpet how sensitive they are to others, how caring. They flout their “wokeness” and assumed moral superiority incessantly. For example, if you don’t call a man who identifies as a woman by a feminine pronoun, or one of “her” own choosing, they will call you a bigot and suggest that you be subject to fines or other punitive measures. The mainstream media literally never stops assailing President Trump for his alleged callousness, boorishness and insensitivity. And yet they come up with headlines such as these:

                “Yes, it’s a bummer that over 126,000 people have died worldwide, but hey, there’s a bit less pollution in the air! So sorry that nearly 30,000 Americans have perished, but our greenhouse gas emissions have dropped a bit. Yay?!?”  What the hell? What happened to “even one life lost is too many?” It’s easy to see where their priorities lay. It’s a good thing we didn’t have today’s hypocritical, soulless, radical leftist media in days of yore, or we would’ve been exposed to headlines like these:
*“Bright side of Pearl Harbor attack, navy using less crude oil”
*“Silver lining of 9/11: birds no longer flying into Twin Towers”
*“Unanticipated benefit of Holocaust: price of Matzo ball soup dropping”
                Here is one headline I’d like to see:
*”Overwhelming majority of Americans deem those in  mainstream media ‘shameless charlatans’”
                 I’m not holding my breath.    

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