Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Texas Doctor Living In Tree-house During Pandemic

                Dr. Jason Barnes, who works in the emergency room at Christus Spohn hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas, is treating patients by day and sleeping in his tree-house by night. He told KRIS-TV he is living in the tree-house during his off hours because he has treated people who have tested positive for the coronavirus and doesn’t want to put his family at risk. After looking at various ways to quarantine himself, he opted to equip his tree-house with a bed, air conditioning and a “bathroom” of sorts, so that he could be near his family.
                Dr. Barnes told the television station that his family time consists of watching his wife and kids play in their backyard from the porch of his tree-house. His wife Jenna said, “we miss him terribly, being in the house, being able to hug him and be with him daily.”
                While the doctor is making a worthwhile and laudable sacrifice, it is one more indication of the bizarre times in which we live. It often seems the further we travel down the road of technological progress, the more we devolve in other ways.
   We are climbing back up into the trees now. How much longer until we slip back down into the primordial soup and simply disappear?  

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