Saturday, April 11, 2020

Of Pandemics And Miracles

Strange days are these.

During the present crisis, I have often written about government overreach and my fears for the post COVID-19 (COVID-1984?) world, should there ever be one. Today, however, I offer my considered opinion on what the best case scenario would be-- what needs to happen if we are to live happily ever after, or at least until the next existential crisis statists and would-be totalitarians seize upon to prevent the rest of us from ever threatening their power. We need to realize there is a tipping point economically, intellectually, and spiritually from which we can never return. I write this from the perspective of an American citizen, but many of the points made equally apply to nearly everyone around the globe. The following is a short list of what I believe we should learn from this pandemic, its genesis, and the various responses to it-- if we wish to see a better world, or even a future in which we care to be present.

*We must cherish and protect our freedoms, and never relinquish them again without the direst of proven threats. (Assuming we get them back.) And then only with the clear understanding and commitment from a democratic government that they will be promptly returned in full the moment the threat is past. Or else the old leaders will be cast out and new ones elected.

*We must always be prepared for a pandemic—or a war—so that there is no need for panic or for our liberties to be taken from us in a desperate attempt to save ourselves. This, too, is the best way to prevent either from occurring.

*We must never allow ourselves to be dependent on another nation for vital products (or services) pertaining to our national security, be they pharmaceuticals, energy supplies, military hardware, or high-tech components. We must continue strengthening our own manufacturing and energy sectors.

*We must stop relying on Chinese-made products in particular. This is not racist, just prudent. And we must never rely on the Chinese Communist government for anything whatsoever, including the truth.

*The world must demand that Chinese “wet markets” close forever. The people don’t need them. It is generally the wealthier citizens that purchase exotic animals, their carcasses, or parts thereof, as “status symbols.” The world can no longer put up with a continuing series of diseases emanating from these filthy locations.

*China must be held accountable and isolated until they give up on their attempt to dominate the world economically and militarily. (The same goes for Iran.)

*Socialized medicine should be seen for what it is. Do not forget that the elderly are often deliberately left to die due to the pernicious effects of government run health care.

*We must realize that the Democrats have clearly shown they only care about their agenda, their power, and not a whit about the American people. This realization must be reflected at the polling places in November.

*Similarly, those in the mainstream media have conclusively—and repeatedly—proven that there is no lie they won’t tell and no low to which they will not go to advance their own agenda and interests, which mirror those of the Democrats…even in the midst of a national crisis and worldwide pandemic.

*We should realize that President Trump was right about securing our borders, placing a ban on travel to and from China, and confronting China over its unfair trade practices…as well as a host of other issues. 

*We should finally realize that colleges, owing to progressive policies and dogma, have become vastly overpriced indoctrination centers, and that a viable education can be obtained online, for example, without the elaborate facilities, cadre of administrators and plethora of diversity coordinators for which physical colleges force students to pay.

*We must not rely on “experts” to tell us how to lead our lives. They have their own biases and are anything but infallible. In fact, they are often-- if not usually-- wrong.

*We must insist, through our purchase patterns and actions, that the Big Tech companies do not run roughshod over our liberties while playing patsy to the Chinese Communist government in their quest for ever bigger markets. Or we must demand our legislators take a stand.

*We should learn, once and for all, to never take another day—or loved one—for granted.

*We must awaken to the fact that we have become much too dependent on—and obedient to—government. We should ask ourselves, “What would the Founders have done?” while committing ourselves to relearning the founding principles. The best single resource I know for doing this is a book titled, “The 5,000 Year Leap: A Miracle That Changed the World,” by the National Center For Constitutional Studies.

*Finally, but perhaps most importantly, we should, each in our own way, consider revisiting and strengthening our faith. There are more things in heaven and earth than we dream of in our philosophy. If we lose this realm, it’s comforting to know the next one will be better.

Let us hope and pray that, like the Phoenix, we too can rise again.  And reclaim our freedoms and battered humanity.

           Hebrews 11:1-- Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

         He is risen! Happy Easter!

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