Monday, July 8, 2019

Leftists Crash MasterCard Shareholder's Meeting

                Crazed leftist activists recently crashed a MasterCard shareholder’s meeting, demanding that the company’s board of directors adopt a “human rights committee” dedicated to slandering and blacklisting various Christian and traditional organizations preposterously designated as “hate groups” by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), itself a genuine hate group.
                Nandini Jammi, a representative of the far-left group SumOfUs (get it?), a global advocacy organization dedicated to progressive causes and the defeat of capitalism, accused the board of “doing business with criminals.” Jammi demanded that shareholders and board members support Proposal Five, which urges directors to create a human rights committee. Jammi also claimed that 127,000 have signed a petition calling on Mastercard to stop processing payments for “far-right hate groups.” Jammi declared: “Thanks to your financial partners, you are open for business with criminals.”
                SumOfUs’s “blood money” campaign pressures U.S. financial companies to refuse to do business with entities that SPLC deems “far-right” and/or “extreme.” Tragically, SPLC’s blacklisting of an organization “is a financial and repetitional death sentence, effectively equating organizations to the KKK,” according to Meghan Meier, a lawyer who defended a victim of SPLC’s “hate” designation.
   What monstrously evil entities does SumOfUs wish to see cut off from bank transactions, effectively rendering them impotent? What kinds of groups has SPLC deemed “extreme,” “far-right,” and hateful? Let’s check the list on their website. Let’s see, there’s the Bible Believers Fellowship, Campus Ministry USA, the Center for Family and Human Rights, Christ the King Church, Faith Baptist Church, Family Research Council, Family Research institute…hmmm, sensing a pattern here. Then there is the Traditional Values Coalition, the American College of Pediatricians, the Alliance Defending Freedom, Concerned Christian Citizens, and just about any other Christian or Jewish group in existence. There’s even an entire category described as “Radical traditional Catholicism.” Radical traditional, huh? Who knew that was a thing, let alone an entire category? And, naturally, the US Border Guard is on the despised list, too.
  Note to SumOfUS and the SPLC: some of us on your list are tired of being slandered, lied about, marginalized, discriminated against and made the victims of hate crimes. And some of us aren’t going to take it anymore.

Che Guevara shirts: $80
Spliffs: $200
Genital Piercings: $475
Attacking the capitalist patriarchy: priceless

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