Monday, July 15, 2019

U.S. Army War College Disinvites Speaker Critical Of Islam

                 The United States Army War College recently disinvited Raymond Ibrahim, a scholar and clear-eyed observer of Islam, from a speaking event at the Pennsylvania-based school that trains senior military officers and civilians. A spokesperson for the school claims the event is just postponed while officials attempt to locate another speaker who would “counterbalance” Ibrahim’s talk, according to The College Fix. The decision to pull the rug out from under Ibrahim, a Coptic Christian from Egypt whose family has faced persecution, was made after the Center on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) strongly urged the college to do so. Ibrahim was scheduled to give a lecture on June 19th, on themes from his latest book, Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War Between Islam and the West.
                 “CAIR,” an absurdly offensive acronym to anyone aware of its actions, is an Islamist organization that has long been linked to terrorist activities. Several U.S. allies consider it a “terrorist organization” in its own right and some of its board members and staff have been accused of terrorism. The U.S. considers CAIR an “unindicted co-conspirator and/or joint venturer” with Hamas. CAIR almost never denounces the sponsors of Hamas and Hezbollah, or the two terrorist groups themselves.
                 The public affairs director of the National Association of Scholars, Glenn Ricketts, told The College Fix via email: “For me, the disinvitation illustrates the depth to which political correctness and the outrage/grievance industry have saturated American educational and corporate institutions, with no apparent thought of the injustice done, the negative influence on the morale of the institution or, in this case, to the training of future defenders and military strategists. Good PR in the short term seems to me the paramount consideration.” No doubt. He added: “NAS will be following this closely, and we certainly hope that the Army War College will reconsider this monumentally bad decision. Perhaps it will recall that its mission is to train warriors, not social activists.” Good luck with that wish, Glenn.
                 If the U.S. military is so willing to lay down and capitulate to a single foreign-focused and supported entity such as CAIR, the end is indeed nigh. If politically correct bullshit and lies can induce it to change its plans and agenda, the proverbial jig is up. If the United States Army War College ceases fighting for American values such as free speech, who will?
                 Imagine if the U.S. Army War College, founded in 1901, had disinvited a speaker critical of Germany’s actions in the lead up to World War II…because of pressure from the Nazis or the Waffen SS. Imagine if the Air Force Academy disinvited a speaker who wished to give a lecture on the Cold War machinations of the Soviet Union due to pressure from the KGB. Or if the Naval Academy was persuaded not to allow a speech by an expert on North Vietnam at the behest of the Viet Cong. What if speeches by Samuel Adams, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, et. al., had been nixed in Colonial times because the British didn’t want to hear them?
The War College’s decision was insane. You can’t win a real war if you won’t even fight a cultural one.

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