Friday, July 12, 2019

California Courts Illegal Aliens

            California has approved a new budget expanding Medi-Cal coverage to illegal immigrants up to the age of 26. This will cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars, even without factoring in the costs created by the obvious incentive the program will create for illegals to move to California. Moreover, the formerly Golden State is bringing back the individual mandate, in part to fund the Medi-Cal expansion for non-residents of California.
This means that residents of the state who don’t want to-- or need to—buy health insurance, as well as those who can’t afford it, will have their money confiscated by the government to provide health care to illegal aliens. This is just another mind-boggling middle finger Democrats have thrust in the face of actual American citizens.
Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke (I wrote that with a straight face!) made a campaign stop in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, recently, where he glad-handed asylum-seekers from Central America and listened to them bitch about U.S. immigration policies. The ex-Texas congressman participated in a sit-down with people housed in a migrant shelter and listened attentively as they complained about being denied entry into the U.S. until their asylum claims have been processed. He took to Facebook following the meeting, posting the stories of a few of those with whom he met. According to the Associated Press, O’Rourke said via livestream video, “We hope, by sharing these stories, that the conscience of our country is awoken right now, and the need to change the policies that we have in place becomes apparent.” He added, “We must end the Remain in Mexico policy, end metering, end family separation, and end the detention of those who pose absolutely no threat. But we must go far beyond that and fix the entire system.”
Illegal immigrants certainly pose absolutely no threat to progressives’ hold on power, but, no matter how well-intentioned they might be, they do pose an existential long-term threat to the nation, particularly if existing citizens have to pay for their health care, etc.  This was the second time O’Rourke has met with migrants in Ciudad Juarez. He went there in December, prior to announcing his candidacy for president. During that visit, he told a group of Guatemalans, “We’re here to understand your story and to see how we can help you seek asylum in our country.”
Where is O’Rourke going to “campaign” next, Honduras? Somalia? There are many places in America that he hasn’t visited, even once. This is yet another example of the disdain Democrats have for the citizens of their own country, especially those denizens of the Heartland that dare to differ with their “progressive” policy prescriptions and proscriptions. (As was O’Rourke’s choice of the Spanish language to answer a question posed to him during the recent democratic debates).
If today’s crop of Democrats have their way, virtually anyone and everyone in the world would be encouraged to circumvent the law and migrate to America. “Come for the free health care, stay for the income redistribution!” That is, self-evidently, a recipe for utter collapse.
O’Rourke and his fellow presidential candidates believe in the “right” to kill our unborn citizens. They dismiss those with whom they disagree as racists, bigots and xenophobes. All while luring illegal aliens across the border with our tax money. And they have the nerve to fret about our consciences?!
I propose a new trade agreement with Mexico: the U.S. would give them Beto O’Rourke and Mexico would give the U.S. a burro. That would be a “fair trade.” One ass for another.

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