Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Boston Refuses To Fly Christian Flag

                 The city of Boston, the home of Faneuil Hall, Bunker Hill, Paul Revere, and the U.S.S. Constitution, is being sued for religious discrimination for refusing to fly a Christian flag—for one hour-- as part of Constitution Day observances on September 17th, 2017. The director of Camp Constitution, Hal Shurtleff, had asked the city to fly the inter-denominational symbol for 60 minutes to mark the 230th anniversary of the ratification of the Constitution of the United States of America, the preeminent document in the history of world governance. The modern-day Beantown Bureaucracy flatly refused, saying no non-secular flags could be flown, so Shurtleff recently filed a federal lawsuit, claiming the city’s act was unconstitutional, and in contravention to the First Amendment’s Free Exercise Clause. The event was to feature pastors encouraging racial reconciliation and to celebrate freedom and the Christian heritage of the United States, culminating in the presentation of the “Christian” flag. It was cancelled after the city rejected the request to fly the flag for 1/24th of one day.
                Matthew Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, a religious freedom law firm representing Shurtleff, issued a statement saying: “Censoring religious viewpoints in a public forum where secular viewpoints are permitted violates the First Amendment. Boston city officials may not ban the Christian flag as part of a privately sponsored event when they allow any other flag by numerous private organizations. It’s time for the court to stop the city’s unconstitutional censorship.” Quite.
                Boston has permitted almost every other flag in existence—284 at last count…literally-- to be proudly raised on its city hall flagpoles. The suit claims that the Turkish flag—sporting the Islamic star and crescent—has flown from city hall flagpoles on 13 separate occasions just since 2005. The city flew the Chinese Communist flag to commemorate the anniversary of the Chinese Communist revolution. It has allowed the Cuban flag to grace its flagpoles. LGBTQ and transgender flags have also been raised above city property, flapping gaily in the Beantown breeze, without legal challenge. But a Christian flag? Well, that’s beyond the pale.
                In today’s perverted, inverted America, freak flags fly high. Red communist flags are fine, too. But Christian flags? They trigger the raising of a red flag of a different sort, one not sanctioned by coastal elite “public servants.” The merest hint of the nation’s Christian heritage sends Deep State Swamp Creatures into paroxysms of revulsion, hatred and anger.
                Boston was once the scene of a revolution that inspired the world. It is now a sad reminder of our…devolution.
    It is almost enough to make one wave a white flag in surrender. But we owe it to ourselves and those yet to come to find the spirit, courage and character that the founders possessed. We must shake off our malaise-- and overweening desire to be seen as unjudgementally hyper-tolerant-- and do all in our power to usher in a new birth of freedom. With liberty and justice for all. Including Christians.

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