Tuesday, July 23, 2019

British Woman Suing Hospital, NHS

                Edyta Mordel, an English woman, is suing a hospital for failing to screen her unborn son for Down Syndrome. According to The Mirror, Mordel says had she known of the condition she would have simply had an abortion. The Mirror reported that she is trying to hold England’s National Health Service accountable for the “wrongful birth,” and is asking for £200,000 to defray the “increased financial costs of caring for her son and for the impact on her own ability to work.”

                Mordel claims that doctors failed to administer the testing even though she insisted on it. She apparently believed the evaluation was performed at her 12-week appointment, though medical documentation clearly indicates this was not the case.

                Mordel’s attorney avers that both she and her son’s father would’ve “terminated the pregnancy” had they known the child had the affliction. However, legal representatives for the National Health Service flatly state that Mordel declined the test and later regretted it. NHS lawyer Michael de Navarro stated: “Not only did her copy of the handheld notes contain the scan report saying that Down’s screening had been declined, but she must have realized that she had never had the result of screening which she had been told to expect.”

                As a result, four-year-old Aleksander was born in January of 2015 at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, England. Hospital records reveal his mother was “very angry and upset” when made aware of her son’s condition. (Apparently, the NHS doesn’t perform “after-birth abortions.” Maybe Mordel should have called Virginia governor Ralph Northam).

   Mordel’s “reasoning” is repulsive: “If I had known my son/daughter would develop cancer/asthma/diabetes/mumps/painful rectal itch/the heartbreak of psoriasis at only 2/4/6/8/27/42 years old, I would’ve just had him/her/it/they aborted. I know, I’ll sue the hospital and the NHS and see if I can at least get some cash!”

  This is akin to thinking, “Had I known my child would’ve been mugged/murdered by Antifa, I would’ve aborted him or her in the first place! Maybe it’s not too late to assign blame and collect money! I think I’ll sue President Trump for creating a hostile environment in which Antifa has no alternative but to engage in murder, violence and intimidation!”

 Suing a hospital for not performing an abortion, or at least the tests that could well lead to one, even though you yourself refused said tests, risks putting us on a slippery slope towards “rejecting” (read “terminating”) a fetus for any undesirable maladies, flaws or traits.

 There are no guarantees in life, or in birth. Not all babies can be born in perfect health, with blond hair and blue eyes. That doesn’t make them any less precious. Just more vulnerable to the abhorrent policies of progressives.

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