Thursday, November 1, 2018

Professor Urges Students To Block Parents' Access To Fox News

                Michaela DeSoucey, a North Carolina State sociology professor, recently issued her students a handout chock full of far-left advice. Among other things, it recommended that her students block Fox News on their parents’ televisions. Professor DeSoucey would be right at home in China or North Korea.
                How effective would this would-be censorship be? Would the kids’ parents just shrug and do nothing? Would they not even notice? If that were the case, there would be no need for preventing the kids’ parents from watching the most trusted name in news.
                “Hi, Casey, how was school this week? Oh, and do you know why we can’t get Fox News anymore?” What the hell?!
                According to The College Fix, the taxpayer-funded university has now addressed the issue, which went viral, but is hiding the professor’s alleged “apology” for the handout, which no one has yet seen.
                WRAL reported that DeSoucey’s boss said she has “reflected on her actions and realized she had crossed the line between educating and advocating.” The dean of the school’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences wrote in a statement that DeSoucey “has apologized, and we have accepted her apology. We consider this matter closed.” Much like progressive educator’s minds.
                That’s it, then. Nothing to see here. What’s done is done. You won’t see any further mention of this in the mainstream media. Not that there was much mention of it to begin with. Yet, imagine if a conservative professor, were they not extinct, had “recommended” that his or her students’ block their parents from watching MSNBC or CNN. Or NBC, or, well, you get the idea.
                It is nothing less than stupefying that we have arrived at a time when the self-same academic types who have asked their students to look in their parents’ bedside tables to see if there were any sex toys in them also ask them to keep their parents from watching a cable news channel.
                Privacy be damned. Sex toys good. Censorship, too. Differing perspectives are dangerous to the oh-so “woke.”
                Aldous Huxley, in “A Brave New World,” wrote: “One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.” That perfectly sums up what’s happening in the West’s educational institutions today. The left indoctrinates the kids it doesn’t abort.

                It’s A Depraved New World. It’s no time to be “woke.”

                It’s time to wake up. And fight the depravity.

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