Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Gender Bender...III

                Clinical psychologist Michael Parent is nothing if not a man for the times. He teaches a class titled Human Sexuality at the University of Texas in which he reveals to the young scholars that gender and sex are merely societal constructs. He has also taught students that children as young as 7 should be permitted to take gender hormones so they are better able to “pass” for the opposite sex they desire to be.
                Professor Parent, a fellow of the American Psychological Association (imagine that), once conducted a study on “toxic masculinity” during which test subjects’ fingers were crushed and the length of time they put up with the pressure and pain was measured. He contributed to the development of the university’s MasculinUT program (!), though the program was subsequently suspended due to assertions that it treated masculinity as a mental illness.
                That’s fantastic! Homosexuality and transgenderism (gender dysphoria) have come off the list of mental illnesses and are considered to be a normal part of the “spectrum of sexuality,” but a male acting in a manner consistent with his biological sex is now often treated as a crazed monster. That’s putting the progress in “progressive” lefties!
                Parent remarked in a recent lecture that the very terms man, woman, gay and straight “are halfway out the window already.” In fact, he claims not to see females and males at all, but “people with vaginas” and “people with penises,” or PwVs and PwPs for short.
                So much for “the birds and the bees.” We’ll have to rephrase that quaint old descriptor to “fauna with beaks” and “fauna with stingers,” or FwBs and FwSs for short.
                I can’t wait until speakers across the world begin by addressing their audiences in the newly prescribed manner: “People with Vaginas and people with penises, welcome to…”

                I mean, like, “Ladies and gentlemen” is so Republican…so yesterday!

   PwVs and PwPs, welcome to chaos and insanity.

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