Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Tucker Carlson's Daughter Verbally Assaulted?

                Juan Granados recently verbally assaulted Tucker Carlson’s teenage daughter at the Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville, Virginia, allegedly asking her if she was Tucker’s “whore” and calling her a “f*cking c*nt.”
                Mr. Granados was a board member of an organization called “The Women’s Initiative,” a group with the stated mission of “empowering women in times of challenge and change.” Heaping utterly unwarranted abuse on women you don’t even know seems an odd way of empowering them. According to a semi-apologetic tweet from the president of The Women’s Initiative, Mr. Granados has offered his resignation, which was accepted.
Yet, Granados is planning to sue Carlson, his son and another unidentified man for alleged assault. He claims Carlson issued threats and told him to “f**king get out of here.” Carlson said Granados stopped his daughter when she was on the way back from the restroom and asked her if she was sitting with the Fox News host. When his daughter responded, “That’s my dad,” Granados asked her if she was his “whore.” Carlson admits his son dumped a glass of wine on Granados after coming to the defense of his sister. (The “unidentified” man allegedly lifted Granados up out of his chair). If the initial verbal assault on Carlson’s daughter occurred, Granados should have had more than a glass of wine dumped on him. I wouldn’t want to live in a world where a dad or a brother wouldn’t defend their daughter/sister against random, vile, obscene smears such as these.
                Granados, who is a gay “visual artist,” is no stranger to lawsuits. He and his partner, Will Trinkle (!), once sued an athletic club after it revoked a discounted family membership it had sold the partners and “their” child. The couple said their membership was revoked because the club defined a family as a “husband, wife, and their children ages 21 and younger.” (The club subsequently changed its “family membership” package to a “household membership,” offered for the same price).
                Care to guess who Mr. Granados’ current lawyer is? That’s right, none other than the sleazy solicitor himself, Michael Avenatti! What are the odds? I mean, there are currently well over a million practicing lawyers in the U.S.!
                Avenatti was arrested and booked on a felony count of domestic violence Wednesday, November 14th, Los Angeles police said. (He was released after posting $50,000 bail).
                To quote The Women’s Initiative, these are indeed challenging and changing times. If we are to have a tenable future, reason, not feeling, must reign. Honesty must super-cede hypocrisy, and truth must trump tribal connections and identity politics.

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