Saturday, November 24, 2018

President Trump Pardons Turkey

                President Trump pardoned a turkey recently, continuing a holiday-season presidential tradition dating back to George H.W. Bush. The following is a short list of human turkeys, none of whom should be pardoned this—or any other—season. From this list, I’ll select a “Turkey-of-the-Year” winner. Full disclosure: I’m stealing appropriating borrowing this concept from a local sportswriter of some repute.
                While there are too many eminently qualified candidates to mention, these few have arguably stood out as the dumbest, most pathetic, hypocritical and flatly unlikable people of 2018:

                *Brenda Snipes. As overseer, Ms. Snipes has botched so many election counts and recounts in Florida’s Broward County that it is impossible to discern whether she is incredibly incompetent or cosmically corrupt. Fortunately, she resigned after the latest fiasco.

                *Hillary Rodham Clinton. Nothing more needs be said.

                *Jeff Flake. This moron, a swamp RINO if there ever was one, has done his best to discredit President Trump, Justice Kavanaugh, everyone who voted for Trump, and everyone who approved Kavanaugh’s nomination, thereby discrediting himself.

                *Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Yes, even though she won her race, she becomes not only the youngest member of Congress ever, but the dumbest. She can’t even identify the three branches of government, one of which she’ll soon be in. (Teaser: separate post to follow soon).

                *The people of Minnesota. These clowns elected an alleged serial harasser of women, Keith Ellison, who, during the Kavanaugh hearings, said that all women should be believed, yet who called the claims against himself crazy. Ellison wasn’t the only Muslim Minnesotan’s elected. They put Ilhan Omar into office, as well, even though the Somali-born lady is an anti-Semite and allegedly married her brother. Oh well. All branches of the North Star state’s government are now controlled by “progressives.” Minnesota has nearly achieved Supreme Soviet levels of Marxist harmony.

                *Michael Avenatti. Avenatti appeared out of nowhere, sued the president and lost, caused his client to be ordered to pay punitive fees, managed to destroy the career of a reasonably attractive, busty porn star, made preposterous claims against Brett Kavanaugh who is now a member of the Supreme Court of the United States, was recently booked on domestic abuse charges himself (and released) and still threatened to run for president in 2020. Oh, and the law firm he works for has been evicted from its offices for non-payment of rent.

                And the winner is………Michael Avenatti! A true turkey if ever there was one!

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