Sunday, November 4, 2018

Minister To Trump: "You're Not Welcome Here."

            President Trump visited Pittsburgh recently to pay respects to the victims of the mass murder at the city’s Tree of Life Synagogue. WTAE-TV captured the Reverend Susan Rothenberg, a Presbyterian minister who lives in the neighborhood, screaming at the president. She yelled: “It’s not about you! Let the families grieve! This is our neighborhood! You are not welcome here!” This right before shouting, “We welcome everybody here!”
That is the progressive “intellect” and mindset in a nutshell. They are utterly intolerant of anyone who is the least bit intolerant of sloth, evil and hypocrisy, and anyone who questions their tolerance. Amazing.  They loudly proclaim: “We will not tolerate intolerance! We welcome everyone except for those who don’t welcome everyone!"
                Reverend Rothenberg loudly blathered on: “You only care about you! You are not welcome on my street! These are my neighbors that were killed! You are not welcome in Squirrel Hill! Do you understand that?” Apparently, Squirrel Hill residents welcome everyone but the president of the United States, which, apparently, Trump didn’t understand. If you think about it, however, it seems like Reverend Rothenberg is attempting to make it all about her. If President Trump hadn’t bothered to visit the scene, the media would have universally denounced him as heartless. And, no doubt, Ms. Rothenberg would have, as well. Trump came, as the president of every one of the United States, to help heal the community and the nation. Rev. Rothenberg is doing all she can to keep it polarized.
                Rothenberg has her own website, naturally,, on which she describes herself as “a leader in the Unglued Church Project and an at-large member of Pittsburgh Presbytery.” The Presbyterian Church USA funded the Unglued Church Project to help churches “redefine their mission as they face the tsunami of change in our culture.” A website for the Unglued Church Project references a “group of local pastors who, like you, want to develop practices to help stuck churches become unglued in ways that bring about deep and sustainable change,” adding, “The only qualification your church needs to participate in this program is a willingness to become unglued in the best possible way.”
                Leftists have even tried to blame President Trump for the attack on a synagogue during which the assailant yelled “All Jews Must Die.” In truth, Trump is the biggest friend Israel has had in many years, perhaps ever. His daughter is Jewish. He moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, for Pete’s sake, a step that numerous other presidents have contemplated, but didn’t have the Cajones to execute.
                So, it does seem like you’re trying to make it all about you, Suz. When you shout that Trump doesn’t belong on “your street” or in “your neighborhood,” you are being intolerant and divisive. Leftists like yourself are the ones inciting violence with insane rhetoric.
                We do face a “tsunami of change” in our culture, one that may prove impossible to avoid or outlast.  It was deliberately created-- and sent on its way-- by progressives who wish to wash away the last vestiges of what it means to be an American.
                Progressives who worship at the altar of the Unglued Church. Progressives who are…unglued.

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