Thursday, November 22, 2018

Current Events Quiz #5

                                                Current Events Quiz #5 (World Leader Edition)
                                                                 [Circle all that may apply]

1)      Cory Booker is:
a)       Spartacus
b)      the guy that played Spartacus in the 1960 movie titled… “Spartacus”
c)       delusional
d)      a junior Senator from New Jersey
e)      a 2020 presidential candidate

2)      President Trump’s tweets are:
a)       shocking
b)      funny
c)       effective
d)      actually written by Barron
e)      actually written by Democrats

3)      Kim Jong un is:
a)       Supreme Leader of North Korea
b)      the Asian version of the Pillsbury Doughboy
c)       duplicitous
d)      genuinely honoring his agreement with the Trump administration
e)      playing Trump like a Stradivarius

4)      Nancy Pelosi is:
a)       a Democratic United States Representative from California
b)      clinically insane
c)       leader of the #MeToo movement
d)      more and more frequently losing her train of thought
e)      often confused with Diane Feinstein

5)      Vladimir Putin likes to pose topless because:
a)       he has great pecs
b)      he secretly thinks he’s Kate Upton
c)       he can’t find just the right top to go with the rest of his ensemble
d)      he can
e)      it makes President Trump look bad by comparison

6)      Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is:
a)       Prime Minister of Canada
b)      an empty suit
c)       jealous of Vladimir Putin’s physique in his topless photos
d)      an empty suit
e)      the creator and author of the “Doonesbury” comic strip

7)      Stormy Daniels is:
a)       the name of the most recent hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast of the United States
b)      a publicity seeking porn star
c)       Hillary Clinton’s alter ego
d)      a publicity seeking blonde, buxom, exotic dancer
e)      one of only seven adult American females between the ages of 18 and 69 apparently never to have been hit on by Bill Clinton

8)      Michael Avenatti:
a)       is a creepy porn-star lawyer
b)      is duplicitous
c)       secretly thinks he’s Kate Upton
d)      thinks he’s Spartacus, or at least the guy who played him in the classic 1960 movie
e)      is a potential 2020 presidential candidate

9)      The new NFL rules on roughing the passer:
a)       are perfect as is
b)      would be perfect for the National Flag Football League (NFFL)
c)       are an embarrassing affront to all those who have previously played the game
d)      could be improved by making it mandatory for the defensive player to: place a pillow under the head of the pampered passer after gently setting him down on the turf, subsequently offer him a mint, and finish the play by giving him a quick buss on the cheek
e)      make crocheting seem like a contact sport

10)   Venezuela:
a)       was once the crown jewel of South America, with more oil reserves than any other nation, but now cannot produce enough oil to fill a bathtub, due to its socialist leader’s policies
b)      is home to Angel Falls, where water plummets 3,212 feet into Devil’s Canyon
c)       was intended to be a “socialist paradise”
d)      has citizens who have lost an average of 20 pounds in the past eighteen months, even though they weren’t trying to do so
e)      is an utterly failed state whose impoverished residents have fled to Brazil and other nations due to its socialist policies
f)        all of the above

Answers: 1) c, d, e  2) a, b, c  3) a, c, and possibly b, d, or e  4) a, d, e, and possibly b  5) d, e  6) a, b, d  7) b, d, and possibly e  8) a, b  9) b, c, d, e  10) f

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