Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Professor Rebuked For Saying Men And Women Are Different

                This past June, University of Washington Professor Stuart Reges penned an op-ed in which he said that women generally aren’t interested in computer science. What’s more, he stated, “Men and women are different, and they make different choices.” Egads! Ready the guillotine!
                This simple statement of an obvious fact predictably sent many students and professors into paroxysms of rage and indignity. The school will not be summarily destroyed, however, as its officials did what university officials always do: they immediately caved and went into full-fledged appeasement mode, agreeing to numerous “grievance demands.” I will not list the full set of “demands” the snowflakes and their enablers put forth. Suffice it to say there was much talk of the school providing “inter-sectional diversity” training. The university will also pledge to thoroughly scrutinize every aspect of its computer science courses to ensure they promote diversity above all else. University of Washington spokesman Victor Balta went so far as to say the school will ensure that its “gateway courses are attractive and welcoming to the broadest group of students.” Really? A S.T.E.M. course? Is it going to provide beer? Cookies, warm milk and puppies? Free sex toys?
                Professor Reges is understandably troubled that his op-ed was deemed a form of “harassment.” He told PJ Media: “The graduate students are claiming that by merely discussing ideas they dislike that I have committed gender harassment. This would be an alarming precedent to establish.”
                You think? And they run for their safe spaces while chasing anyone to the right of Che Guevara out of restaurants?
                Leftists accuse those who are pro-reality of assaulting their human dignity and of being extremists. No, the extreme position is averring that abortion is “health care for women” and that truth does not exist or is unknowable. Their assertion that there are no set genders, but that an infinite number of them exist is an affront to human dignity. If you refuse to identify as either a man or a woman, you’ve made a mockery of all that came before you, and essentially declared yourself a non-person, an anonymous cyborg, a robot, artificial non-intelligence in a no-sex-bot form.
                There aren’t any magazines with centerfolds of Amoeba-like creatures who are unisex, asexual or reproduce with just their own gender, i.e. themselves. There is a reason for this. Would “yin and yin” be as good as yin and yang? Would “tonic and tonic” be as good as gin and tonic? Would Sonny and Cher have been no better than “Sonny and “Sonny?”
                Men and women are different. If they weren’t, none of us would be here. If they weren’t, many of us wouldn’t care to be here. That this is somehow controversial, that these are somehow “fightin’ words,” is proof positive that we human beings are now literally sowing the seeds of our own destruction.

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