Monday, November 19, 2018

McDonald's Sued For Advertising Happy Meals

                McDonald’s in Canada is being sued…for allegedly advertising Happy Meals to…children. The bastards! Wait, who the hell else would they market them to?
                The lawsuit, recently authorized by Justice Pierre Gagnon of the Quebec Superior Court, claims that promotions for Happy Meals violate the province’s consumer protection law, which prohibits commercial advertising toward children under 13. The diabolical ads in question reportedly show actual pictures of the toys that come with the meal. Egads!! (And, in truth, aren’t the ads also directed at the parents who pay for the meals)?
                The class action suit would cover anyone who purchased a Happy Meal or individual toy at a McDonald’s in Quebec since November 15th, 2013, for a child under 13. Well, let’s hope those who were irretrievably damaged by the global corporate monster offering toys to kids get proper recompense.
                I don’t purport to know a lot about Canadian laws-- or television, for that matter—but how sad Saturday morning television must be for kids in Quebec, especially entering the Christmas season, with no ads for children’s toys or Happy Meals. What is being advertised at these times, Rogaine and Cialis? This is rank hypocrisy disguised as social concern, as almost all government dictates are. Governments targets kids (and the rest of us) with blatantly biased social service messages and “public interest” commercials, and also largely determine what can be taught—and therefore what can be learned—in all public schools.
                What is a company like McDonald’s supposed to do? Not offer Happy Meals™? Or just not advertise them? Perhaps it should think outside of the box and offer adults “Unhappy Meals™.” At least they could advertise to their target market in that case. And what ads they could be!
                “Have you been acting like a clown lately? Lost your biggest account? Lost your job? Lost your spouse? Come to McDonald’s and try our new Unhappy Meal™. Two tofu patties on a whole grain bun, a large plain white yogurt, an extra-large order of Brussels sprouts and a 16-ounce Pepto-Bismol! All in a plain brown box containing a pack of matches or a razor blade! Just $4.99 for a limited time! Get ‘em while they—and you—last!”

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