Sunday, February 18, 2018

University Of California-Merced: Whine, Women And Dongs

                          “Woman” Of Ill Repute In California-

Many folks at the University of California-Merced decried the rather reactionary rigidity of the word “woman,” so the school now uses “womxn” in place of “woman” (or “women”) in its course descriptions and department designations. The institution of higher learning avows it now deliberately misspells these words “to be more inclusive of the diversity within the category of womxn.” (In defiance of the old cliché, at U-Cal-Merced, “woman’s” work is truly done).
In reality, of course, this is nothing more than pandering and virtue-signaling of the most pathetic kind. Note to UCal-Merced: words such as woman and man exist specifically to characterize, signify and differentiate, to let us identify one from another, lest cluelessness and chaos reign. This is true of all nouns. This is why we use words like refrigerator, oven, and washing machine, instead of just “appliance.” There are distinct differences between them, whether you wish to acknowledge it or not. If you reject this notion, and I submit that this is one area where the “the science is settled,” try putting your beer in the washing machine and your laundry in the oven.
Both men and women are included in the human family, but if we’re going to define the “diversity within women” broadly enough to encompass those that sport a penis or just identify as a woman on Friday nights at the local truck-stop, then the words are robbed of any meaning whatsoever.
The school’s athletic teams are called the Bobcats. I would propose it immediately change the nickname—slightly-- to “Bobcxts,” to be more inclusive of the diversity within the category of Bobcxt.” After all, there are male and female bobcats, and various color variations. For all we know, there may even be gay, lesbian, transgender and questioning bobcats. Certainly, the University of California does them a disservice, if, while using the word as its nickname and brazenly appropriating them as its “mascot,” it fails to recognize this fact.

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