Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The National Science Foundation To Consumers: "Stop It!"

The National Science Foundation, a federal agency, is spending $3 million to discover how to make Americans consume less food, water, and energy. That includes the creation of “Household Metabolism Trackers,” which can monitor all their diabolical consumptive activities. The project, approved by the Obama administration (imagine that!), seeks to “change people’s behavior” out of fear of global warming. (There’s that “change” thing again. The entire Obama presidency was an Orwellian attempt at mass behavior-modification). Global warming? Soon we’ll likely have the opposite problem. We’ll have to encourage everyone to eat like Michael Moore after a 2-bong binge, use water like a typical municipal government sprinkler system that tends to flood sidewalks, parking lots, and roadways while it’s pouring rain, and consume energy like the globetrotting Al Gore and his household.
To teach families how to consume less, “interactive role-playing activities” are being developed. I’ve got an interactive role-playing activity in mind now for the NSF: here, sit on this!
Can you imagine how the Founders would react to these bloated, tyrannical, government agencies if they were alive today? To Big Brother and His partner, The Nanny State? Or, how these agencies would react to them?
The NSF: “George, put down that whiskey. Ben, step away from that beer stein. John, do you really need that second drumstick? Thomas, what’s with the water usage at Monticello? We know you grow a lot of stuff, but really! By-the-way, we’re imposing heavy retroactive fines on you guys for the unauthorized dumping of all that tea into Boston Harbor! The clean-up costs were substantial! Hey, wait, what are you guys doing? We didn’t give you the right to…”
Obama fundamentally transformed “eat, drink, and be merry” into “starve, dehydrate, and be wary.”
It is time The Swamp- including all those in Washington who are drunk on their own power- was fundamentally transformed…into a group of actual public servants of which the Founders would’ve been proud.
Tragically, that’s about as likely to occur as the National Science Foundation- or any other federal agency- trying to “discover” how they themselves could consume less…of taxpayer’s hard-earned money.

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