Monday, February 5, 2018

Florida Students Stage "Bleed-In"

                A petition in support of free menstrual products at the University of Florida collected 3,200 signatures last semester. Yet the school’s student government inexplicably voted against a proposition to provide complimentary feminine hygiene products recently, enraging some student activists. Two-dozen of the activists then painted their pants in fake blood to simulate unconstrained menstrual flow, to protest the ongoing lack of free tampons, pads and liners on the school’s campus. According to The Independent Florida Gator, the students called the faux-menses demonstration a “bleed-in.” Organizers apparently hoped the shocking visual would cause fellow students to advocate for free and accessible feminine products.
                Senior Shannon Mathew, a psychology and sociology major (there’s a shock), was one of the first to paint her pants red. The 21-year-old stated, “This is a part of reproductive justice. I’m not ashamed of my period, and I don’t think anyone else should be.”
                According to The Gator, 30-year-old student (!) Jenny Boylan added, “If you’re disgusted with our bloody pants, then maybe you should rethink whether or not this is important for everybody or if everybody would use it. I think you all collectively benefit from me not bleeding in your seat.”
I think you all collectively benefit from me not crapping in your seat, too, Jenny, but I don’t expect “you all” to pay for my toilet paper. What’s more, I’m not ashamed of my colon, and I don’t think anyone else should be.
So there!
Can anyone picture their mothers or grandmothers acting like this? These pathetically entitled, (30-year-old) students have no idea how preposterously well-off they are in the grand scheme of things or historically speaking. In refusing to acknowledge any accountability or responsibility for their own acts or person, they voluntarily, preemptively forfeit that most precious earthly possession…human dignity.
We’ve all heard of grace periods, but what about periods with grace? The way things are going on college campuses, I’m not holding out much hope. Period.

Oh well, as the English might say: “Bloody Hell.”

You heard it here first: we are very near the end of civilization.

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