Sunday, February 4, 2018

The State Of The Union Is Crystal Clear

                The State of the Union was, depressingly, never clearer than on Tuesday evening, January 30th, as President Trump delivered the address meant to characterize it. As the chief executive delivered his speech, in which he referenced the booming economy, soaring stock market, record-low African-American unemployment rates, increased energy production, ISIS losses, and what he planned to accomplish in terms of global trade, many of the Democratic members of Congress remained sitting. Some appeared bored, some as if they had just consumed a plate of bad clams. Very few clapped, but several were on their smart-phones. One congresswoman was caught on camera playing Candy Crush while the president spoke to the world from the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives.
                And they call the president unserious? With Representatives like that, who needs enemies? The arrogant hypocrites sat on their fat, entitled, ignorant asses, essentially extending their middle fingers to the duly-elected president and leader of the free world. And to all the citizens they are supposed to represent. Perhaps these pathetic ideologues think the taxpayers want to pay them to play games on their phones, while disrespecting them and their country?
                A Getty Images photographer captured Ohio Rep. Joyce Beatty examining a proposed press release reacting to the speech when the president was only a third of the way through his address. In Comey-like fashion, Democrats believe there is no need to wait until you’ve heard what’s said before determining your reaction to it.
                Rep. Watson Coleman was perusing responses to a tweet she sent out attacking Trump while the president stated, “In America, we know that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, are the center of American life.” To be fair, that is a message designed to piss off Democrats, who aren’t big on either faith or family, at least in any traditional sense. Democrats do believe that government and bureaucracy- read Democrats- are the center of American life.
                During Obama’s State of the Union speeches, Republicans were looking for anything for which they could possibly stand and cheer. They aren’t the ones fomenting disrespect, division and disunion. Could you imagine what Democrats and their media sycophants would’ve said if many Republican members of Congress were caught tweeting out insults, browsing blonde jokes or playing Pok√©mon Go on their smart-phones while President Obama delivered a State of the Union address?

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