Sunday, February 25, 2018

Let The Games End

            It is time to put the “Olympic Dream” to rest. All the fevered talk of “togetherness” and singing of “We Are the World” has proven to be so much feel good bullshit. The Western “Careistocracy” can’t mask the fact that Olympic Games won’t alter human nature. In fact, they are now magnifying it.
“Pros” are allowed to compete from some nations, but not from others. Broadcasters are using The Games to spread propaganda of one kind in authoritarian states and “progressive” inanity in others. North Korea’s Director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Worker’s Party of Korea was fawned over by Western media for God’s sake! How many deaths has she and her brother, the notorious Kim Jong-Un, been responsible for? How many innocent people have they slaughtered? When will wholesale execution become an Olympic sport?
                “Thin skin” doesn’t just refer to speed skater’s uniforms anymore. NBC had to apologize for a series of gaffes that were seen as insults by South Koreans, the Dutch, women athletes and ski fans. South Korean speed-skaters have been accused of bullying. American speed-skaters have been lambasted by a New York Times contributor for wearing “pervy” uniforms. The former doctor of the U.S. women’s gymnastics team is a sexual predator of the worst kind. So many of Russia’s athletes have been banned from competing for taking performance enhancing drugs, that the ones who (maybe) weren’t were not allowed to compete under the Russian flag. Yet, incredibly, Russian bobsledder Nadezhda Sergeeva was her country’s second athlete to fail a doping test at Pyeongchang—one day before the IOC was to decide whether to reinstate Russia from its ban. The first was on the curling team!
“Wardrobe malfunctions” are commonplace. The Olympic Organizing Committee is a corrupt, ineffective sham. The staggering number of condoms it provides to the participating athletes from around the planet suggest they are primarily there to fornicate.  A Canadian cross-country skier was arrested for stealing a Hummer in Pyeongchang after a night of hard drinking. He was accompanied by his wife…and manager! Days before the Olympics started, the coach of the Jamaican women’s bobsled team quit. And claimed the team’s sled was hers. Fortunately for the storied Jamaican bobsledding program, the Red Stripe brewery provided the team with a replacement.
Viewers have been subjected to horrifying crashes, poor performances and bad sportsmanship. A member of the Canadian women’s ice hockey team tore the silver medal off her neck as soon as she was awarded it.
Permeating all of this is the fact that the host nation possesses some 20,000-plus commercial dog farms, where the animals are raised for human consumption, often in horrendous conditions.
And now there’s this: Bloomberg News reports that members of North Korea’s 200-woman-strong national cheerleading squad—darlings of the mainstream media’s coverage of these Winter Games—are very likely sex slaves for the Hermit Kingdom’s ruling elite.
These were the longest Winter Games in history. Most events were sparsely attended. They garnered the lowest television ratings in Olympic history. Maybe there was a reason for that. Or reasons. The Olympic motto is “swifter, higher, stronger.” Perhaps it should be “baser, dumber, harder.”
Careistocrats refuse to recognize truth. But, enough is enough. The Dream was a joke. People are people. No amount of saccharin- or coercion- can ever change that. Let’s all just get back to what we were doing.

As you were.

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