Saturday, February 24, 2018

Key Words

            Culture- or what now passes for it- in the West is changing rapidly. Incredibly rapidly. This is just as true in the United States as it is in Europe. I hereby offer two words in support of this assertion. One new, one old. One defined, one used in illustration.

*Panamorous: Definition: A type of sexual orientation which is defined by a romantic or sexual attraction to partners of varied sex and gender identities, sexual orientations and relationship orientations. A panamorous individual can feel attraction to everyone and anyone.
Yikes! To “everyone and anyone?” Regardless of age, hygiene or favorite sports team? Well, that is certainly inclusive. Sounds a bit messy, though. And expensive. And illegal. At least for now.

                *Tolerance: Roman Catholic Priest Rev. Gregory Greiten recently came out as gay during his Sunday homily, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. This prompted a woman to stand up from her pew and shout, “God bless you, Father!” Almost immediately, the whole congregation of Milwaukee’s St. Bernadette Parish rose to give him a standing ovation.
Which in turn prompts me to ask: were they God-blessing him because he’s gay, or for his “courage” coming out publicly like this…during his sermon? Or were they just happy Greiten shared some “juicy” information with them, scuttlebutt that they could use to enliven future conversations?

I just report. You decide.

Two more key words:

Key: of paramount or crucial importance. Such as understanding the nature and importance of two sexes to the human condition.

Word(s): a single, distinct, meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others- or sometimes alone- to form a sentence and functioning as a principal carrier of meaning. For example: “I laugh, because I must not cry; that is all—that is all.” (Abraham Lincoln to a friend during the Civil War)

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