Monday, February 26, 2018

Prime Minister Trudeau's Sikh Appearance

                Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is a progressive’s progressive. That is precisely what makes his recent one-man global clown-show so (unintentionally) amusing. Trudeau has been gamboling around the globe, appearing in public in whatever nation he happens to be in at the moment, colorfully clad head-to-toe in garb he assumes is traditional native wear.
                His appearance has been right out of central casting-- circa 1959-- to the extent that he rubbed many inhabitants of the subcontinent the wrong way when he materialized, hands pressed together, in traditional spiritual attire at the holy Sikh shrine of the Golden Temple. (If you haven’t yet seen these pictures of Trudeau, you owe it to your self—and your sense of humor—to Google them now).
                At one point, the Canadian Prime Minister even broke into the traditional Indian dance called the Bhangra.
                India Today characterized his dress and demeanor as “tacky,” while several popular Indian personalities termed his outfit choices “fake and annoying.” Apparently apprehensive of the young leader’s fashion sense and judgement, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi failed to acknowledge Trudeau’s arrival on social media and dispatched a low-level agricultural minister to meet him at the airport.
                Oddly, for a strict adherent to the religion of multiculturalism, Trudeau has no qualms about appropriating the hell out of any culture in which he finds himself immersed. “When in Rome…” and all that. Except, he, like most progressives, believes that any culture is superior to the traditional Western ones. The Indians, among others, have been rightfully appalled by the Head Canuck’s behavior, but I enjoy it when the fawningly progressive make fools of themselves on the world stage. I wonder if Prime Minister Modi would consider appearing before the Canadian Parliament dressed as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?
                Or, imagine, if you will, that President Trump turned up in, say, Norway wearing a tunic and Viking helmet, while also sporting a shield, sword and gjallarhorn. The media would cite it as proof positive he was a demented white-supremacist, utterly unfit for office. He’d be impeached and summarily deposited in a padded cell, probably located in a subterranean edifice outside of San Francisco.

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