Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Regulation 225: Delaware Degeneracy

                “Mom, I’m home! And, by-the-way, I’m now a black lesbian girl named Tasha! Isn’t that cool?”
                “Why, it sure is Johnny—I mean Tasha! Did you learn that at school?”
                “Yeah, mom. They told us we had the inali-, um, inaleenabl-, uh, the right to choose whatever gender identity and race we want to identify as!”
                “Well, Tash! Best. Lesson. Ever. Right?”
                “Yeah! The best!”
                “Let’s march ourselves right over to Victoria’s Secret, honey, we’ve got some shopping to do!”
                “Yay! You’re the best mommy ever!”
                “Um, about that, dear…”

                Regulation 225 is being considered in the Delaware legislature. The proposal would let students as young as 5-years-old choose their own gender-identity and race, without approval from their parents. The proposal, known as “Prohibition Of Discrimination,” has caused an uproar in the Blue Hen State. There are a few parents who claim a more welcoming climate is needed for their transgender and/or non-binary children. On the other hand, some parents say the proposal would infringe on their basic parental rights.
                Under Regulation 225, the First State’s schools would be required to provide access to all facilities and activities that are consistent with a student's gender identity—regardless of the child's sex at birth. That would include bathrooms, locker rooms, and team sports. School employees would have to use the child’s “preferred” name. The proposal would also allow students to choose their own race. More shocking yet, this new regulation would not require schools to inform parents of their child’s decision(s). The policy advises administrators to assess and consider the child’s well-being before opting to disclose the information to the child’s parents. The child would have the option to “choose” his/her/whatever gender and race even if the parent(s) disagree with the decision.
                Mark Purpura, president of Equality Delaware, offered up this shining example of doublespeak: "The regulation isn't about keeping a secret, it's about what's in the best interest of the child. The reality is there are children living in fear who do not feel comfortable coming out to their parents as gay or transgender."
                No, Mark, the reality is that there are infinitely more kids uncomfortable sharing bathrooms, sports teams, and locker rooms with their peers based on their “preferred” gender-identity. The reality is kids are getting more and more confused and less and less fulfilled and content. The reality is many kids have lost moral guidance and are adrift and jaded. The reality is we are failing our kids by ourselves refusing to acknowledge any knowable truths and promoting the myth of moral equivalence. The reality is that we have committed a grievous sin by promulgating the notion that there is no right and wrong. The reality is that guns aren’t corrupt, confused, and evil. They can’t be. The reality is that people can be and are. The reality is that progressive’s policies will inevitably lead to more school shootings. The reality is that progressives favor unfettered abortion and this type of state-sponsored child abuse, as well. The reality is that they, not conservatives, have blood on their hands.
                The reality is that those pushing this proposal are the real “Delaware Destroyers,” apologies to George Thorogood.

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