Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Church Of Sweden Goes Gender-Neutral

                The Church of Sweden recently made the decision to encourage its clergy to use the gender-neutral term “God” instead of referring to the deity as “He” or “the Lord.” The determination was reached at the end of an eight-day meeting of the church’s 251-member decision-making body, and is scheduled to take effect on May 20th during Pentecost. The move is seen as part of the national Evangelical Lutheran Church’s continuing effort to modernize its handbook directing how services should be conducted.
                Church of Sweden spokesperson Sofija Pedersen Videke told The Telegraph: “We talk about Jesus Christ, but in a few places we have changed it to say ‘God’ instead of ‘He.’ We have some prayer options that are more gender-neutral than others.” She said a large majority of the Church’s decision-making body agreed on the decision, and added that she hadn’t heard of a single priest who objected to the new linguistic framework.
                The Church of Sweden is headed by Archbishop Antje Jackelen, Sweden’s first female archbishop, who was elected in 2013. Archbishop Jackelen, defending the move, told Sweden’s TT news agency: “Theologically, for instance, we know that God is beyond our gender determinations, God is not human.”
 Some church members believe, however, that the move clearly undermines the doctrine of the Trinity and poses other problems, as well. More and more churches are abandoning common theological heritage in the interest of inclusivity. The Church of England, for example, recently published guidelines for helping children “explore the possibilities of who they might be,” including their gender identity. Lord help us. I’m sorry, God help us.

Let’s be clear: those who worship at the alter of political-correctness do not truly worship anything else. They don’t believe in fundamental truths, only in equivocation and their own superiority. 

Are we all to be so cavalier about changing what are supposed to be immutable truths to conform to our modern-day whims and desires?

Do we really want the Lord’s Prayer to begin: “Our Parent, who art in Heaven…”

Do we really want to make Matthew 28:19 read—“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Parental Unit and of the Child and of the Celestial Being.”

Let’s close with the recently updated Twenty-Third Psalm, shall we?

The non-gendered Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want for gender options
Zhe makes me lie in green pastures;
Zhe leads me beside still waters;
Zhe restores my soul.
Zhe leads me in right paths for His or Her name's sake.
Even though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil;
For I can be any gender I want…

Etc., Etc.

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