Monday, November 13, 2017

Palm Springs City Council Entirely Composed Of LGBTQ Members

                The city council of Palm Springs, California will be entirely comprised of LGBT community members after two new candidate-elects are installed in December. Lisa Middleton, a publicly trans “woman,” and Christy Holstege, an acknowledged bisexual woman, won the two open seats on the City Council in the field of six candidates in Tuesday’s election. Middleton made history as the first openly trans candidate elected to a nonjudicial office in California’s history. Both women were endorsed by entities called Equality California and Victory Fund.
                Rick Zbur, executive director of Equality California, stated: “By becoming the first out transgender person to be elected to a nonjudicial office in California, Lisa is paving the way for others to follow in her footsteps in California and across the nation. Her first place finish out of a field of 6 candidates demonstrates that a glass ceiling for transgender people who want to serve in elected office was not only broken, but was shattered in Palm Springs. With the election of Lisa and Christy Holstege, the city of Palm Springs will now be represented by a city council that is 100 percent LGBTQ.” He added, “Tonight’s wins by Lisa Middleton in Palm Springs and other transgender candidates in Minneapolis and Virginia are a beacon of hope that voters have embraced values of equality and inclusion.”
                Aisha Moodie-Mills (!), president and CEO of Victory Fund, issued a press release stating: “Trans people remain severely underrepresented in government nationwide, so Lisa’s victory is important not just for Palm Springs or California, but for the entire country. Now more than ever, we need trans voices in the halls of power because they humanize our lives, change the debate and move forward more inclusive legislation. Lisa’s historic election victory will be remembered as an important milestone in the movement for LGBTQ equality, and will undoubtedly inspire other trans people to run for office and win.”
                The Palm Springs City Council will now include three gay men, one transgender woman and one bisexual woman. This is where we are headed as a nation. There is so much diversity now, there isn’t any diversity. Diversity has become ubiquitous. In so doing, it has revealed itself to be a lie. Certain minority groups have been so successful in their fight for acceptance that certain other groups are no longer accepted.
                Progressives often claim that various organizations, occupational groups, and the like, should “look like America” when they bemoan the fact that fewer blacks or women or gays may be head coaches or Supreme Court justices than their proportionate share of the population at large. (Of course, if a black or woman or gay Supreme Court nominee happens to be conservative, they will fight tooth and nail to keep them from getting the job). Yet, they are never concerned about the fact that Caucasians are drastically underrepresented in the National Football League or the NBA, for example. Nor are they upset that conservatives make up only five to ten percent, or less, of college professors, journalists or Hollywood types, even when it is well documented that they have been the victims of deliberate discrimination in this regard. Shouldn’t there be roughly the same percentage of conservative professors, “journalists,” and actors in these institutions, publicly funded or not, as there are conservatives in the overall population? That would be about thirty percent.
                What is certain is that the Palm Springs City Council is no longer representative of the town as a whole, unless every last citizen is gay, transgendered, or bisexual. And, if that’s the case, we’re going to have to start calling straight people “queer.”

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