Wednesday, November 1, 2017

U.N. Tries To Appoint Robert Mugabe "Goodwill Ambassador"

              The World Health Organization, or WHO, recently- officially- announced that it was appointing Robert Mugabe a WHO “Goodwill Ambassador.” This seems like a bit of a stretch, but, in fairness, Kim Jong-Un is kind of tied up at the moment, and Pol Pot is still dead.
              Fortunately, the Who was convinced to rescind the appointment, but how the hell could it possibly have issued such a declaration in the first place? When Mugabe became Prime Minister of Zimbabwe in 1980 the country’s life expectancy was over 59 years. In 2005, two and a half decades later, with Mugabe in his eighteenth year as the nation’s President, its life expectancy was under 42 years. This while most of the world was experiencing significant increases in life expectancy, of course.
Some people just have that effect on others, I guess.
And it wasn’t all mass murder. In roughly the same time span, the Marxist revolutionary managed to trash his nation’s health care, boost the inflation rate to over 100%, slash his citizen’s per capita income by half, and achieve a 60% unemployment rate, to boot.

In this day and age, it’s a wonder he didn’t win Nobel Prizes for Peace and Economics.

This is what Marxism always comes to in the end: the rulers live in opulence while the rest of their comrades try to modify their toilet-paper holders to accommodate corn husks or oak leaves. Just ask Venezuelans. 
Mugabe still endures (at a youthful 93-years-of-age). Unfortunately, that cannot be said of many of those over which he ruled. 

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