Sunday, November 19, 2017

Pew Research Center Study Shows Media Is Biased Against President Trump

                A new study by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center seems to clearly validate President Donald Trump’s claims that the media is biased against him. The organization analyzed 3,000 stories from 24 different media outlets during the first 100 days of his presidency, and found that only five percent of that reporting was positive. Sixty-two percent of the stories were negative. By comparison, coverage of President Barack Obama by these same outlets, during the same time period, was 42 percent positive, and a mere 20 percent negative. There is no doubt the mainstream media is loathe to give the president any credit for a strong economy, rising consumer confidence, or a stock market at all-time record highs, among other positive developments. 
                The study also revealed that most media coverage of President Trump focused on his character traits rather than policy considerations. This is interesting given that President Bill Clinton received over five times the positive coverage that Trump did, despite all of the allegations of sexual harassment against him, and the resultant “bimbo eruptions.” Wild Bill was a presidential Harvey Weinstein, and yet he goes around the country making tens of thousands of dollars- or more- per speech.
                In response to the Pew report, a CNN spokesperson stated: “The tubby, Russia-colluding blowhard with the comically golden hair and the tiny hands (wink, wink) should be damn grateful that even five percent of our coverage was positive. His pathetic contention that we in the mainstream media- and specifically here at CNN- are biased is a truly preposterous example of fake news. This lying, capitalist, war-mongering, global warming-denying, would-be p---y grabber is an affront to homo sapiens. F—k him, his family, and all the horses they rode in on!”

                MSNBC released a statement piggy-backing on CNN’s, in which it said simply: “That goes double for us.” 

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