Saturday, May 13, 2017


                What would be more shocking, Nancy Pelosi coming out as a “man” or as a “Republican?” I think we all know the answer to that question. The same could be said of Maxine Waters. We could go the other way and ask if it would be more surprising if, say, Al Franken or Howard Dean came out as women or as Republicans. I think we all believe they would be much more likely to “go the other way” in terms of gender as opposed to political philosophy.
                Surely, though, in light of the “trans” phenomenon sweeping the planet, we will soon hear of some politician somewhere claiming to be “transpolitical” or “transpartied,” or perhaps “partyfluid.” Strictly speaking, the presence of a few pols identifying as Independents means we already have a “non-binary” system, much to the delight of the growing binary-averse crowd.
                Truth be told, most of us are naturally transpolitical. We all are born liberal Democrats, as early on in our lives we are needy, whiny, helpless, messy, entitled brats. Thankfully, as we mature, most of us become more conservative as we gain experience, competency and intellect.

Ironically, however, many are not born at all, due to Democrat’s love of using extreme violence against very small people. 

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