Friday, May 26, 2017

American History 1001: Course Outline

American History 1001- University of Anywhere- Course Outline, Semester I; Unit, Unit length:

I.                     Columbus & How It All Began (The Big Error, Tragedy for Indigenous Peoples)- 1 Week
II.                   Plymouth Rock & The Pilgrim Prudes- 1 Day
III.                 Jamestown: The Patriarchy Sets In- 1 Day
IV.                Revolutionary War- 1 Day
V.                  The Founders & Their “Values”- 7 minutes
VI.                War of 1812- 10 Minutes
VII.               Mexican-American War of Injustice- 1 Week
VIII.             The Slave Trade- 3 Weeks
IX.                 Civil War & Reconstruction- 2 Days
X.                   The Wild West/Gold Rush- 1 Day
XI.                 Einstein, Edison, Ford, Wright Brothers, Etc.: “The Great Inventors?”- 15 Minutes
XII.               World War I- 1 Day
XIII.             The Great Depression/Dust Bowl Era (“Capitalism Craps Out”)- 2 Weeks
XIV.             World War II- 2 Days
XV.              The Korean War- Watch 1 Episode of M*A*S*H*
XVI.             McCarthyism/”Red Scare”/Witch-hunt-- 1 Week
XVII.           The ‘60s (“Make Love, Not War,” Riots, Injustice, Kennedy Assassinations)- 1 Week
XVIII.         VIETNAM- 2 Weeks
XIX.             “Reagan Revolution”- 1 Minute
XX.               Iran Contra Scandal- 1 Week
XXI.             The Cold War- 1 Day
XXII.           Gulf Wars I & II- 2 Days
XXIII.         Election 2000, “The People Deprived”- 2 Days
XXIV.         9/11, Insurgents Today- 3 Minutes
XXV.           Anti-Muslim Backlash- 1 Week
XXVI.         The Obama Administration, “Camelot II”- 1 Week
XXVII.       Trumpism and the Complete Collapse of American Society- 1 Week

Note to Caucasian Students: Check Your White-Ass Privilege at the Classroom Door and Open Your Minds. This is a Rigorous, Peer-Reviewed, Unbiased Course. Intolerance of Any Kind Will Not Be Tolerated.

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