Saturday, May 27, 2017

If The U.S. Government Communicated Like North Korea's Does

                 If the United States government “communicated” as the North Korean government routinely does thru its Korean Central News Agency:

Start communiqué:

                “The Hermit Kingdom’s days are numbered, and Pyongyang and its pathetically starving citizens will soon be reduced to a massive pile of glorious rubble. The mutant, slime-ingesting, descendants of pigs and donkeys should be quaking in their boots, clutching their tiny little genitalia in fear. Their Queer Leader, Pillsbury Doughboy wannabe Kim Jong Dung, or whatever, will soon be taken hostage by our incredibly insurmountable special forces, and be forced to binge-watch all 886 episodes of “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood,” while memorizing its theme song. The vile, incompetent communist country, its most heinous and murderous regime, and its imperialist, running-dog puppets and stooges will all be nuked into oblivion by our mighty, massive missiles that never fall clumsily into the ocean like those of the deranged totalitarian nation that absurdly calls itself the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The world will applaud when it sees our invincible, unconquerable military incinerate the North as easily as if burning a small pile of leaves.
                 “The miscreant, sodomite savages and syphilitic whores, who practice cannibalism out of both necessity and preference, will soon swell the smelly ranks of hell, though it may be hard, at first, for them to tell the difference.”

End communiqué.

                And people are worried about Trump?

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