Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Artist Says Trump Supporters "Deserve" To Die

                The Huffington Post attained new journalistic heights recently (that’s sarcasm, for those of you at Berkeley), when it published an article asserting that those who had the audacity to vote for Donald Trump deserve to have their “Podunk towns” incinerated in a nuclear fire. (The Post deleted the post, after receiving complaints from readers. Hypersensitive wusses! Probably ran for their "safe spaces!").
                Chris Cali, an Oakland-based artist (there’s a shock) and blogger, composed the article entitled “Trump Supporters Deserve to Die More Than I Do” to express his anger over the President’s use of the largest non-nuclear bomb in the U.S.’s arsenal against Afghanistan, apparently afraid that it would somehow bring the United States to the brink of war with North Korea.
                Earth to Chris: the U.S. is, and has been, on the brink of war with North Korea. Using the “mother of all bombs” (MOAB) could only help deter any possible hostilities.
                Cali from Cali declared: “The thought of a world in which mentally unstable dictators are hurling nuclear warheads at one another is pretty terrifying, especially if you’re a person like me, who lives in a major U.S. city. San Francisco might not be at the top of the target list, but I’m betting it’s higher up than some sh*thole town in Nebraska. In fact, the majority of states where Trump supporters continue to wear their ‘MAGA’ caps and give a solid thumbs-up to the putrid dumpster fire of an administration he’s been running so far don’t contain a single town where a ‘radical Islamic terrorist’ would even stop to take a sh*t in a Walmart bathroom, let alone one that a crazed N. Korean leader would want to nuke into oblivion.”
Speaking of the “mentally unstable,” nuclear war would be “pretty” terrifying to “a person like” you, since you live in a big coastal city? Yeah, the rest of us are fine with seeing cities “nuked into oblivion.” I wish your contention that terrorists wouldn’t stoop to poop in a small-town Wal-Mart bathroom were true. If it were, it wouldn’t reflect badly on the small town.
                But, don’t stop him, he’s on a roll.
                He continued: “The fact that the first Americans to be vaporized or poisoned with radiation in the coming nuclear war will be the ones who tried to stop this crazy train from leaving the station just seems kind of…unfair.” He then went on to state that Trump supporters “want you to know how much they hate immigrants and blacks and Jews and gays and women and trans people in public bathrooms.”
He concluded: “If a bunch of these hypocrites who chanted ‘lock her up’ overdose on Oxy and decimate their Podunk towns, honestly, the human species will be better off without them. It’s practically Darwinian. These are the people who deserve to have their towns annihilated.”
The vast majority of Trump supporters- and conservatives for that matter- have no animosity whatsoever towards immigrants, blacks, Jews, gays, women, or “trans people,” let alone hatred for them. You however, Chris, exhibit no humanity, empathy or compassion…even to a large segment of your fellow citizens. You are absolutely intolerant of anyone who didn’t vote the way you did. You are non-inclusive to anyone who disagrees with you. You are clearly more concerned about offending terrorists than you are with protecting the lives of over half of all your countrymen that live in “flyover country.”
In fact, you say they “deserve” to die, simply because they didn’t vote the way you’d have liked them to. That is pure, unadulterated hatred- and evil- in their most dangerous forms.
Mr. Cali, the human species would be better off without you. It’s practically Darwinian.
The science is settled.


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